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China Makes Breakthrough in Ultra-low Emissions Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Technology
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Date: 2017-02-16

Recently, a coal-fired boiler ultra-low emission technology has passed the appraisal of scientific & technologic achievements organized by China Machinery Industry Federation.

Titled as “Ultra-low emission circulating fluidized bed boiler technology based on in-furnace desulphurization and low-nitrogen combustion”, the result is jointly developed by Taiyuan Boiler Group and the team led by CAE Academician Yue Guangxi. The technology is intended mainly for circulating fluidized bed boilers with small and medium capacity, aiming to make sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in fume from boiler outlet meet national ultra-low emission standards through in-furnace high-efficiency desulphurization and low-nitrogen combustion.

“Properly speaking, the new technology is to change ‘End Treatment’ into ‘Source Treatment’” Yue said, to achieve ultra-low emissions, the current coal-fired boilers must be added with a set of complicated desulphurization & denitrification facilities, while the new technology can directly achieve ultra-low emission through active control of combustion, thereby significantly reducing equipment investment and operating costs.

In recent years, China has been frequently plagued by haze, drawing high attention, and fire coal is considered an important source of haze. Therefore, positive measures have been taken to reduce emissions from coal burning, particularly, great efforts have been made to innovate coal-fired power plants for ultra-low emissions. As large-scale power plants gradually complete their renovations for ultra-low emissions, the problem of pollutant emissions from small and medium coal-fired boilers increasingly surfaces and is difficult to be solved, and the new technology has provided a low-cost solution for ultra-low emission of small and medium coal-fired boilers.

According to the relevant responsible person of Taiyuan Boiler Group, the technology has been put into operation in two power plants in Shandong and Shanxi, and the test results made by China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute on the two boilers show that, it does not need to take any post-boiler environmental protection measures to realize ultra-low emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, that is, keeping the emission of sulfur dioxide under 35mg/Nm3 and nitrogen oxide 50mg/Nm3. While for traditional circulating fluidized bed boiler, the above two indicators are about 200mg/Nm3.

Qin Yukun, who is a thermal power engineering expert and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the technology itself was introduced from abroad, however, thanks to its efforts over the past 10-plus years, China is now far ahead of other countries in this regard.

He Kebin, Dean of Tsinghua University's School of Environment, Director of State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Sources and Control of Air Pollution Complex (SCAPC) and Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the new technology jointly developed by Taiyuan Boiler Group and the team of Tsinghua University offers a very good choice in terms of clean combustion and utilization of coal, and is of great significance for haze control.

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