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Germany’s Equipment Manufacturing Export Hit the Record High
Source: Date: 2016-03-01

According to German media, the statistics released by German Engineering Federation (VDMA) showed that despite weak Chinese market, Germany’s equipment export reached 155 billion euros, thanks to strong demand from the US and from within the EU. This figure increased by 2.6% year on year, and by 0.9% in inflation adjusted terms, hitting the record high. In 2015, the export of Germany's equipment manufacturing to China was 16 billion euros, down by 5.9%; and that to the US reached 16.8 billion euros, up by 11.2%. About 44.8% of equipment made in Germany entered the EU market, valuing 70 billion euros and up by 6.7%. Due to the sanction against Russia, export to Russia was only 4.7 billion euros, down by 26.8%.

(Source: NDRC)

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