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World's largest drying unit
Source: People's Daily Date: 2011-09-22

The world's largest 4MT/A CTA/PTA steam tube rotary drying unit made its debut in Nanjing on September 20, and is now ready for shipment. The unit was developed by the CNCE's Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation. This is also China's first large, world-class pice of equipment in this field, and cuts the cost of the petrochemical industry's drying equipment in half.

Research, development, and design work on the drying unit were done by the Nanjing Tianhua Institute. The industrial drying process removes the water from materials. It can, for example, be used to raise the calorific value and combustion efficiency of inferior grade coal. According to Xiao Shimeng, the Institute's president, the drying process consumes 20~25 percent of the energy consumed in processing, so, the use of advanced, more efficient, energy-saving drying equipment is significant for the industry.

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