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New Progress Made in ChemChina R&D Platform for Automotive Polyurethane
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-05-11

The core equipment of the automotive polyurethane R&D workshop of Liming Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “Liming Institute”) was installed and started recently. This marked that the comprehensive demonstration workshop for materials, processes and equipment of automotive polyurethane established by Liming Institute in cooperation with KraussMaffei has entered the substantive stage of operation and new progress has been made in the construction of ChemChina R&D Platform for Automotive Polyurethane.

According to the relevant head of Liming Institute Polyurethane Development Company, the equipment installed in the demonstration workshop is divided into dry and wet parts, consisting of high-pressure injection machine, electric mold base, control cabinet, pipeline, hydraulic station, temperature control system and other units. Due to the large volume and weight of the main equipment and the limited workshop space, members from multiple parties took seven hours to accomplish the installation of main units by using three forklifts of different sizes. The demonstration production line has taken shape. The person-in-charge said that the commissioning of the demonstration workshop represents a milestone in the strategic cooperation between Liming Institute and KraussMaffei, which is of great significance in accelerating the localization of related materials in the industry and helping both sides to expand the market in the field of automotive polyurethane.

The KraussMaffei is one of the world’s top suppliers of equipment and systems for plastic & rubber production and processing. KraussMaffei and Liming Institute signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in 2019 to co-establish ChemChina R&D Platform for Automotive Polyurethane, give full play to the advantages of Liming Institute’s R&D of cutting-edge materials and KraussMaffei’s high-end intelligent manufacturing, and strive to build an industry-leading multi-functional platform.

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