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CNCE-affiliated Enterprises Strive for Annual Business Objectives
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-04-13

In early April, it was getting warm and the spring was growingly evident everywhere. All enterprises affiliated to China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNCE) have worked to achieve the annual operation objectives by making efforts to ensure that their products roll off the production line, new orders are signed, new systems are installed, new projects are initiated, and work is done in shifts.

Accelerating the Project of Overall Relocation and Technical Upgrading

On April 4, the 22m x 4m numerical-control double-gantry milling (grinding) machine tool located in the factory area of Chaoyang Industrial Park, a super-large special equipment of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery for processing hot plates and frame plates of flat vulcanizers, was dismantled successfully and will be transported back to Shenyang for overhaul. The overall relocation and technical upgrading of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, or the upgrading of equipment in the “Construction Project of the Digital Manufacturing Base for Intelligent Rubber Machinery,” kicked off.

The new factory will establish two software systems of digital design and digital manufacturing, and use high-end numerical control equipment to comprehensively upgrade R&D, manufacturing, technical equipment and production management model, providing strong equipment support for the production and manufacturing of intelligent rubber machinery products.

In order to improve the production capacity and working performance of the equipment and conduct process simulation, and data transmission and acquisition, many large-scale equipment, including the dismantled numerical-control gantry milling, need to be returned to the factory for overhaul and upgrading. The overhauled and upgraded equipment will be directly delivered in the new factory in the eastern industrial park of Yiyang High-tech Zone.

A Number of Products Roll off the Production Line and are Delivered in China and beyond

A worker of Yiyang Rubber& Plastics Machinery’s Assembly Workshop is disassembling the internal mixer after trial run.

On April 9, another GK400 internal mixer of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery successfully rolled off the production line. Since the resumption of work and production on February 10, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery has promoted production and operation in an orderly manner while preventing and controlling the epidemic. Currently, it has completed the production tasks of 30 internal mixers, double-cone twin-screw extruders and flat vulcanizers, of which 19 products have been delivered to domestic manufacturers and exported to Southeast Asian customers.

Expanding the Belt-and-Road Circle of Friends

The severe global pandemic cannot stop our overseas market expansion. Recently, Guilin Rubber Machinery went against the trend and successfully signed an agreement with a new Bangladeshi customer to expand the Belt-and-Road circle of friends.

The newly signed vulcanizer for passenger tire and engineering tire is a traditional advantage product of Guilin Rubber Machinery, featuring high precision, stable structure, reliable operation, high startup rate and simple maintenance. This model had been exported to Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries, gaining the favor of domestic and foreign customers. According to the application requirements of the new customer in Bangladesh, Guilin Rubber Machinery has also improved the vulcanizer structure, shortened the on-site mold-replacing time, and increased the automation rate, greatly enhancing its production efficiency.

In recent years, Guilin Rubber Machinery has proactively fostered the Belt and Road market to create an overall service solution for customers. The successful signing of the new Bangladeshi customer marked that the number of friends in the Belt and Road circle added up to 21.

Launching Online Assessment and Management Platform for Special Operations

Also in Guilin Rubber Machinery, the training of the first-batch welding operators for special equipment was held as scheduled. For the first time, the Guangxi Assessment and Management Platform for Special Equipment Operators was used for practice tests, marking the official launch of the platform in Guilin Rubber Machinery. The platform can perform the functions of registration, qualification examination, project approval, assessment, marking, scoring, and reporting, greatly improving the efficiency of examinees and examination institutions.

New electromechanical classroom in Guilin Rubber Machinery

According to the requirements of Guangxi Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, all special equipment operators, from this year onwards, will sit their examinations online. Guilin Rubber Machinery started to carry out certification according to the new requirements at the beginning of last year. It invested in software and hardware. After many installations and debugging, it has successfully passed the examination and training qualification review of Guangxi Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

Guilin Rubber Machinery Welder Examination Committee is one of the only two special equipment operator examination institutions in Guilin City. Since its establishment, it has trained and examined a large number of welders for the enterprise and Guilin City, achieving excellent results in district and city welder competitions many times.

Adding Vehicle-inspecting Services on Sunday

Due to the large number of uninspected vehicles during the epidemic, Beijing Hongyuan Nankou Motor Vehicle Inspection Site opened on Sunday with the approval of the superior vehicle administration to meet the needs of the general public and enterprises for motor vehicle inspection. (Note: the Sunday services were provided on April 12 and 19, and the following services can be reserved via the App 12123)

On April 12, a vehicle was to be tested at Hongyuan Nankou Inspection Site.

Nankou Inspection Site officially resumed work on April 7 to supply annual inspection services of motor vehicles to the society. In order to reduce the waiting time of car owners and serve them faster and better, Hongyuan Nankou assigned the personnel of the machining center and headquarters to the site to enhance the supporting service force and enable more inspectors to be put into the front line of vehicle testing.

Also, the inspection site also reminded the majority of car owners that, according to the requirements of resuming work during the epidemic, car owners with inspection needs should make an appointment via the App of “12123” in advance, and collaborate with inspectors to carry out the investigation of the epidemic prevention and control and take self-protection measures.

Launching the Special Action of “Focusing on Growth, Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency”

To thoroughly implement ChemChina’s special action plan of “focusing on growth”, deeply tap the potential of enterprises, and further enhance their comprehensive strength, management level and core competitiveness, multiple CNCE-affiliated enterprises have successively launched the special action of “focusing on growth, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.”

Dalian Factory 4821 set up a special working group to carry out solid actions. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the measures it had introduced mainly included fostering new growth points, strictly controlling production costs, optimizing labor and employment management, reducing transportation costs, strengthening energy management, reducing leakage, conducting strict and detailed management, and tapping potential through benchmarking. Multiple measures were aimed at promoting lean management and implementing the plan of improving quality and efficiency.

The person in charge said that the activities aim to raise the awareness of stressing costs in everything and benefits in everyone, seek benefits from management, and build a new pattern of “focusing on growth, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and involving full participation.”

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