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CNCE Strives to Ensure Epidemic Control and Work Resumption
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-02-12

On February 10, the CNCE’s affiliated enterprises located in Guilin, Guangxi; Yiyang, Hunan; Sanming, Fujian; Deyang, Sichuan; Shenyang, Liaoning; and other places welcomed the first batch of employees to resume work after the Spring Festival. Everyone should be fully protected, enter the factory area orderly after body temperature test, and return to their posts.

The staff members of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery test their body temperature before entering the factory

In the special period of the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the CNCE has coordinated with its affiliated enterprises to meet the work requirements of governments at all levels and ChemChina. It has made overall arrangements for necessary production and effective prevention and control. It has made efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and resume production simultaneously. The CNCE has worked to minimize the impact of the epidemic situation on production and operation.

Comprehensive Prevention and Control Without Negligence

During the Spring Festival, the CNCE and its enterprises successively launched multi-model investigations of returning workers to lay a solid foundation for the epidemic prevention and control.

To ensure the health and safety of employees after returning to their posts, all enterprises have formulated interim measures for resumption of work during the epidemic period, detailing arrangements in the epidemic prevention and control in the factory area and residential area. A range of arrangements including classified isolation, distribution of masks and gloves, body temperature testing, disinfection, ventilation, dining by batch and table, off-peak commuting, and taking turns on duty by department have been carried out in an orderly manner.

Temperature Test and Distribution of Epidemic Prevention Materials at Guilin Rubber Machinery

A single table for one’s meal at Fujian Tianhua

On February 10, or the day of resuming work, Huaxia Hanhua, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery and other enterprises held special video teleconferences, conveying the speech spirit of Hao Peng, Party Secretary and Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, at the video conference on strengthening the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in central enterprises. Hao re-mobilized and re-deployed the prevention and control of the epidemic and made arrangements for production and operation around the “six stabilities.”

Shijiazhuang Factory 7420 has strengthened the epidemic prevention and control and safe operation management of all rental units, requiring them to set up a special leading group for epidemic prevention and control and formulate a management plan for resumption of work. Dalian Factory 4821 has incorporated personnel for dock lessees into the scope of epidemic prevention and control.

All enterprises have continuously stepped up publicity efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. They have disseminated the common knowledge of fighting the epidemic by posting banners, updating billboards, and using Microblog, WeChat and news client to eliminate fear and boost confidence. Guilin Rubber Machinery issued a proposal of Preventing and Controlling the Epidemic, Guilin Rubber Machinery is in Action. Bluestar Machinery held a signing campaign for employees' commitment to resume their work and fight the epidemic. Everyone has participated in this campaign and abided by what they had promised, with all the staff fighting against the epidemic.

Bluestar Machinery holds a signature campaign for all staff members to make their commitment  

Flexible Adjustment and Orderly Production

Before the resumption of work, the CNCE’s Party Committee issued the Letter to CNCE’s Enterprises during the Prevention Period of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, proposing arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control of all enterprises and the resumption of work. The letter guided enterprises to make judgments and plans in procurement, production arrangement, marketing, and research and development and prepare plans for the resumption of work.

To ensure the normal operation of customers’ equipment during the epidemic period, KraussMaffei China has provided 24-hour online technical support services, and appointed engineers as WeChat-based equipment stewards to set up equipment maintenance groups to offer timely and necessary technical support to help customers solve difficult and complicated equipment problems in the shortest possible time. KraussMaffei has also provided free remote collaboration services for equipment-related problems of Hubei customers and those concerning operating equipment of customers specializing in the medical industry. Also, KraussMaffei has proactively accelerated the shift of sales model through e-commerce platforms to create new opportunities for online consulting and sales.

KraussMaffei China holds the conference to make work arrangements during the epidemic period

All departments of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery have proactively worked together to find out the production progress, adjust the production plan, flexibly conduct procurement and distribution, communicate with customers, and align the delivery time, ensuring the normal operation of production and the timely delivery to customers. Fujian Tianhua has formulated a new production plan according to the newly-adjusted delivery time and the attendance of employees. Each workshop has reasonably arranged the employment to fulfill the production plan to ensure the progress.

Employees concentrate on their work in a workshop

Xi'an Lishan, considering the large number of pharmaceutical companies and the huge amount of epidemic prevention materials, has formulated the park management measures during the epidemic period and organized backbone employees to assist in supporting the transportation of materials. As of February 9, 3,200-plus batches of epidemic prevention materials such as epidemic prevention drugs, medical devices, masks, gloves, alcohol and disinfectant, weighing over 100 tons, had been transported.

Party members take the lead in overcoming challenges

Confronted with current challenges, Party members of all enterprises under the CNCE have taken the lead in epidemic prevention and control and production services.

During the Spring Festival, a short-circuit fault occurred in the distribution room of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s Air Compressor Substation. He Yuanqing, Deputy Head and Party Secretary of the Production Department, took the initiative to organize Party members and technical backbone to set up a repair team. After more than four hours of intensive work, the normal power supply in the factory's residential area was restored so that employees and their families could stay at home at ease.

During the epidemic period, Shenyang Automobile Axle was still responsible for the production of BAIC Group's new product differential case and Xinyuan Electric Vehicle’s plate spring mounting seat. Part of them are being produced. Xing Yang, a winner of “Dedication to ChemChina,” a ChemChina Medal, volunteered to take part in the production.

Xing Yang, a young Party member of Shenyang Automobile Axle, is working in the post of numerical control.

To ensure the timely start-up and normal operation of customers’ on-site devices, 21 employees from 5 business units of Tianhua Institute arrived at customers’ operation sites for installation, commissioning and on-site services respectively. At each operation site, Party members took the lead to work on the front line. Everything is normal at all sites, with the installation and debugging conducted orderly.

In order to ensure the timely transportation of epidemic prevention materials of pharmaceutical companies in the park, the Party branch of Xi'an Lishan’s security department voluntarily claimed the Party-member vanguard post of epidemic prevention and control in Zaoyuan Subdistrict, Lianhu District, Xi'an City.

The nine Party members took turns on duty 24 hours per day, assuming a lot of hefty tasks such as information submission, entry and exit registration of personnel and vehicle, body temperature measurement, disinfection and sterilization, control of affected population, and park inspection during the epidemic prevention and control period. Throughout the Spring Festival, a daily average of 200-plus people entered the park and 80-odd vehicles arrived and left. No one passed without registration.

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