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CNCE Does All in Its Power to Prevent and Control Novel Coronavirus Epidemic
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-01-31

On the second day of the Chinese lunar new year, most families chose to stay at home during the period within which the Spring Festival holiday coincided with the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic. However, Meng Shoubin did not cease returning to Xi'an from Pingchuan, Gansu, a long trip covering 600 kilometers.

As the deputy director of Safety and Environment Department of Xi’an Lishan, an enterprise directly under the CNCE, he was eager to return to the park to assist park-based pharmaceutical companies in the transportation of pharmaceutical materials.

As soon as he arrived in Xi'an, he did not go home but devoted 10-odd hours to command, inspection and coordination in the park. “In our park, most are pharmaceutical companies with a large reserve of drugs and medical devices. Currently, if one more vehicle carrying medical supplies leaves our park, there will be more hope to fight the epidemic.” He said.

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. Facing the epidemic, the CNCE has thoroughly implemented the instructions and specific requirements of the SASAC and ChemChina on prevention and control, quickly set up a leading group of the epidemic prevention and control, started the emergency response plan, and issued a notice to carry out hierarchical deployment and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control. The headquarters and all directly-affiliated enterprises have taken actions to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control and relevant support services. The epidemic prevention and control have been included in the scope of duty during the Spring Festival, with relevant work of affiliated enterprises inspected daily. Each enterprise must formulate a response plan according to the development of the epidemic situation to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic on production and operation. All enterprises must strictly implement the daily reporting system of epidemic-related information by following up each employee’s daily trend concerning travel and health. Multiple channels have been used to push real-time official information and prevention and control measures on the epidemic throughout the whole system, playing an essential role in guiding public opinion and reminding employees of their personal protection. Overseas enterprises need to be contacted to understand and master the health status of their employees in a timely manner.

In view of the large number of pharmaceutical companies in Xi'an Lishan Park, the CNCE and Xi’an Lishan held a special teleconference on the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve to arrange and ensure the timely delivery of prevention and control drugs and materials. Xi’an Lishan has formulated the Notice on the Management of Personnel and Vehicles in the Park during the Epidemic Period. On the premise of preventing the further spread of the epidemic, it has opened special passages for vehicles of pharmaceutical companies transporting drugs and medical devices to the epidemic area by simplifying procedures for them to pass through the park quickly. On January 28 alone, 80-plus vehicles were assisted in transporting medical supplies and equipment. Meanwhile, Xi’an Lishan proactively contacted pharmaceutical companies and delivered over 1,000 masks to the CNCE and its sister units lacking masks and protective devices.

To ensure the timely start-up and normal operation of customers’ on-site devices, 21 employees from 5 business units of Tianhua Institute went to customers’ operation sites for installation, commissioning and on-site services respectively. At each operation site, Party members took the lead to work on the frontline. As of today, everything at all sites is normal and the installation and debugging are conducted orderly. To facilitate the daily summary, Tianhua Institute has also developed a WeChat applet for the statistics of prevention and control information to make employees’ operation and reporting easier.

The work resumption is imminent. To effectively do a good job in the follow-up prevention and control, all enterprises under the CNCE will not relax or slack off on the basis of the previous prevention and control, and carry out regular disinfection and sterilization on a daily basis within the scope of the factory, especially in office buildings, workshops, dormitories, and canteens. Prevention and control materials such as masks and infrared thermometers are ensured to distribute and measure temperature among all staff members. The catering plan in the canteen has been coordinated and optimized, with some packed meals delivered to avoid contact with infection. All staff members engaged in cleaning, sanitation and greening have also been strictly managed to understand their physical conditions daily to ensure their health.

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