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KraussMaffei Makes Its First Debut at China International Import Expo
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-11-07

(Shanghai, November 7, 2019) The giant of global plastic and rubber equipment KraussMaffei made its first debut at the 2nd China International Import Expo with the theme of "Pioneering Plastics". It is the first time that KraussMaffei has been present at the fair in China with a wholly new image after since announced its brand integration this July. It showed its recent forward-looking ideas and future trends around "Circular Economy", "Digitalization" and "New Technology".

With advanced technologies from Germany and 181 years of heritage and development, KraussMaffei has a style of its own in the Chinese market and even the global market.  Mr. Cui Xiaojun, CEO of KraussMaffei China, said, "We hope that we can bring forward-looking ideas and technologies to China by participating in this expo, and embrace the future of digitalization and circular economy with our Chinese partners".

Ning Gaoning, CPC Party Secretary and Chairman of ChemChina, and some other personnel visit the booth of KraussMaffei

Dr. Michael Ruf, COO of KraussMaffei, introduces the solution of circular economy on site

Circular economy contributes to sustainable development in the future

KraussMaffei presented the EdelWeiss blending modification technology specially designed for circular economy and recycling application at the expo, aiming to provide closed loop solutions for recycling of plastics. The rated output of its production line reaches 6 tons per hour. The main advantage is to modify the recycled waste plastics, turn them into terminal products with high quality, high efficiency and high stability, and increase the cost efficiency at the same time, so as to make recovered materials more attractive to recycling enterprises and plastics manufacturers.

Pioneering digitalization and intelligent equipment manufacturing empower the future of Industry 4.0

KraussMaffei also introduced DataXplorer, eService, eStore and other digital solutions at the expo, which can help customers monitor production and maximize production efficiency.

Integration of machine data is the key to achieve digitalization. DataXplorer provided by KraussMaffei to users is a central data collection point among all components of the production unit, including peripheral equipment and automation. Users can use it to collect all information required for production monitoring and production process control, so as to achieve digitalization.

Innovative design and application make life better in the future

Based on the comprehensive professional knowledge in areas of injection molding, extrusion, reaction molding, digitalization and automation, KraussMaffei can create infinite possibilities for users in rubber and plastics processing. A wide variety of new products, technologies and innovative market applications, including Colorform, surface Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and Pultrusion, were showed at the expo. These products and technologies have been widely used in areas related to people's daily life of clothing, food, housing, travel and use.

The brand new PXA all-electric injection molding machine boasts high performance, flexibility and scalability, with wide application, which can provide infinite possibilities for upgrading and meeting the standards of Industry 4.0 in the future.


Signing the MOU on strategic cooperation framework on site

KraussMaffei signed an Agreement of Procurement Intent for High-End Injection Molding Equipment with Tianmen Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. in Hubei on site on November 6, the first day of the expo. Both parties will work together to create a high-end platform for the injection molding industry with great support of Tianmen municipal government, to facilitate the industrial upgrading and development of the molding industry chain with Tianmen as the center and establish strategic partnerships in areas of high-end auto moulds, new technologies and new technical development.

KraussMaffei also attended the signing ceremony hosted by Ning Gaoning, CPC Party Secretary and Chairman of ChemChina, as a subsidiary of ChemChina that afternoon.

KraussMaffei signed a MOU on Three-party Strategic Cooperation Framework with Beijing New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center Co., Ltd. and Beijing Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center. The three parties will cooperate in "Lightweight Technology for Composites" and jointly establish an innovation technology center in the future to build a technical cooperation platform and promote the progress and application of lightweight technology for new energy vehicles.

KraussMaffei signed a MOU on Strategic Cooperation Framework with CR Chemical Materials for the first time. Both parties will conduct all-round in-depth cooperation in future sharing of test resources and related research results, key technical research of industrialization, research and development of forward-looking technologies and products and so on, with the aim to produce high-performance environment-friendly green composite products with world leading composite molding equipment and technologies.

Dr. Michael Ruf, COO of KraussMaffei, signed agreements on behalf of the company. He said, "The conclusion of these strategic cooperation agreements not only manifests the theme "New Era, Shared Future" of China International Import Expo, but also shows the confidence of KraussMaffei in creating a win-win situation together with its customers in the future, based on a global view as well as the spirit of craftsman in Germany and the pace in China".

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