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CNCE Employees Win “May 1st Labor Medal”
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-05-06

On the eve of the Labor Day, the companies under China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNCE) received good news one after another: excellent employees won awards at the "May 1st Labor Day" commendation conferences. Let’s introduce some of them and take them as our models.

Wu Yuewu (L) and Ou Hongdao at the conference of Hunan Province for celebrating “May 1st” International Labor Day and commending model workers and excellent craftsmen

Wu Yuewu | A “May 1st Labor Medalist” of Hunan Province

Wu Yuewu is 39-years-old. In 2003, he became an assembly fitter in ChemChina after retiring from active military service. Since then, he has begun to delve into bench work, acting as a senior fitter, foreman of the No.1 Main Engine Group of the assembly workshop and the head of the “Youth Shock Brigade” and serving dozens of customers at home and abroad in the past 10-plus years.

In 2008, Wu undertook the task of assembling the production line of the 2.7×16.4 press vulcanizer, which was the largest of its kind in China and purchased by the Japanese Bridgestone. He took part in the whole process from assembly, the strict onsite loaded test run of the Japanese side, strict ex-work acceptance test, through to installation and commissioning in Japan.

In 2016, he worked in Vietnam for three consecutive months, making a success in the trial run of the three internal mixer production lines and launching the first all-steel radial tire of the company in its factory in Vietnam.

In 2018, he took part in the “Belt and Road” project for assembling the equipments in Uzbekistan, building “model projects” and laying a solid foundation for the company to win more deals.

Ou Hongdao | excellent foreman of entity enterprise in Hunan

Ou Hongdao is a winner of the title of "100 Excellent Foreman of Entity Enterprise in Hunan". In 1995, he began to work at Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (YRPM). At first, he acted as foreman of the first process (extraction) at the most tiresome Chemical Factory. Later on, he was transferred to Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd., a Sino-Japanese joint venture of YRPM, to act as foreman of the main engine group and dispatched to Kobe Steel, Ltd. twice for study. 

In July 2017, he led a five-person team involving mechanical & electrical fitting, production management, research & development, quality, logistics, painting and packaging to work for more than four months at KraussMaffei Haiyan Factory, undertook the transfer work of the downstream production line, and studied the advanced experience in production management, quality management and other aspects of German enterprises.

After returning to YRPM, he led the team to successfully complete the assembly of the first Finnish NEXEN line, gaining recognition from the experts from the Haiyan Factory and Germany. This year, he undertook the task of assembling the NOKIA line of the United States. The members of the team cooperated fully with each other in the entire process ranging from R&D, purchase and inquiry to welding, machining, painting, assembly, warehousing, packaging and delivery, winning praises from German experts and the customer.

Xing Yang |”May 1st Labor Medalist” of Shenyang

Xing Yang at the conference for commending May 1st Labor Day medalists and pioneer worker

As a CNC operator at the knuckle team of the No.1 Machining Workshop of Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xing Yang is engaged in CNC machining center programming and operation and took charge of trial production of all new products as well as trial production and protection of various military products.

In the day-to-day work, he is good at making innovations in the methods for CNC machining, solving the company’s long-standing technical problems that have not been solved due to difficulties in machining. In his spare time, he independently studied and mastered the manual programming and software programming of the CNC system, and used its professional knowledge to improve the machining procedures and increase the productivity.

As a front-line young employee, Xing Yang, though worked at an ordinary post, has a craftsmanship spirit, played an exemplary role as a Party member and made contributions to the development of the company in an innovative way.

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