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Tianhua Institute Undertakes the Construction of the Super-large Pipe Diameter Anticorrosion Product
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Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-12-05

Recently, the trial run of the production line for anticorrosion super-large diameter steel pipe (external 3PE and internal liquid epoxy) overall designed and constructed by Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation Co., Ltd. ("Tianhua") was completed in Tosyali Iron Steel Industry Ageria SAP Company in Oran Province, Algeria.

The maximum diameter of steel pipes manufactured by the anticorrosion production line is φ3,048 mm, the 3PE external anticorrosion capacity is 350 m2/h; the maximum capacity of liquid epoxy internal coating is 450 m2/h; the maximum capacity of parallel connection of double 180 extruder is 2,000 Kg/h. This is yet the largest diameter steel pipe internal and external anticorrosion production line ever constructed by Tianhua. It's also a production line that poses the highest requirements for capacity, safety and control system, and features the highest degree of automation involved.

In the process of design, transportation, installation and commissioning of the whole production line, technicians engaged in installation and commissioning at Tianhua did their best to overcome the challenges in language, culture, diet and climate differences and worked so hard to accomplish the installation and commissioning task of the production line, winning commendation from all parties concerned.

According to the project director of Tianhua, it has achieved significant breakthrough in technologies of anticorrosion super-large pipe diameter in the successful trial run and use of this production line.

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