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Celebrating 180 years of innovative technology: The KraussMaffei Group invites you to the Competence
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-04-18

- As part of celebrating 180 years, the company is showcasing its trailblazing spirit—from its beginnings as a steam engine producer to its current reputation as a leading plastics machine builder in the digital age

- More than 25 live demonstrations and a wide range of machines will be used to show off the ingenuity behind the company's Injection Molding Machinery, Reaction Process Machinery and Extrusion Technology

- Services and digitalization are part of the new KraussMaffei strategy

(Munich, April 17, 2018) The KraussMaffei Group is opening its doors in Munich on June 6 and 7, 2018, giving visitors a glimpse of the latest technologies and innovations from the KraussMaffei, KraussMaffeiBerstorff and Netstal brands that make the company a leader in mechanical engineering. In keeping with the motto "From industrial beginnings to plastics machine engineering in the digital age," the focus will be on the pioneer spirit that the company has demonstrated again and again over its 180-year history. This pioneer spirit will be brought to life by a variety of operating machines, all of which satisfy the high standards of specific customers for machines and systems for increased efficiency and economic viability, as well as intelligent Industry 4.0 solutions.

In the coming years, therefore, the KraussMaffei Group will be strategically realigning itself. CEO Dr. Frank Stieler explains the opportunities that the new business models will create for KraussMaffei: "Services, digital services and new offers such as our leasing model will make the difference in the future. These concepts work for all series and applications in our portfolio. If we apply them to our entire product range, great opportunities will be opened up for us."

Experience 18 injection molding machines and Plastics 4.0 in live Operation
For Injection Molding Machinery, the Competence Forum is guided by the principle of "Processing intelligent materials with intelligent machines." "We will be using a total of 18 injection molding machines to give our customers a live demonstration of the expertise and engineering passion that KraussMaffei has for all sectors of the plastics industry. Among these machines, the new all-electric PX 25 for very small shot weights and the PX 320, which expands the application spectrum on the top end, will be making their world premieres. Our Plastics 4.0 modules provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions for digitizing and networking their production," explains Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment of the KraussMaffei Group. At the Competence Forum, a demonstration will be given of the MES system MaXecution, a reliable tool for planning and production monitoring. DataXplorer creates transparency down to the component level and BlueBoX makes it possible to monitor overall production in real time. On the machine level, the APC plus adaptive process control ensures consistent quality shot-for-shot.
The GX 650 with the new speed option, an incredibly cost-effective solution for the large packaging market, is making its European debut at the Competence Forum. An additional GX 400 will be producing fittings made from polypropylene in a 10-cavity mold. Other highlights are the demolding process with an innovative link guide, the 6-axis robot with high-tech gripper and the integrated sprue disposal.
An additional must-see at the Competence Forum is the processing of 3M hollow glass microspheres on the MX 1600-12000. This material allows precise cavities to be made in the compounds, reducing the density. This minimizes weight and offers a great deal of potential for lightweight automotive construction or for insulating properties in construction. The FlexFlow hot runner control from KraussMaffei's Partner, HRS Flow, has been integrated into the MC6 control system to ensure perfectly balanced cascade calibration. This results in components free of joint lines, which can then be painted or electroplated directly. 
Additional highlights at the Competence Forum include silicone processing (liquid and solid silicone), thermoplastic lightweight construction using FiberForm technology, ColorForm applications with Piano Black as well as direct compounding thanks to the new DCIM process.

Netstal ELION for high-volume production
In a cycle of about four seconds and with 32 cavities, a hybrid Netstal ELION 2200 produces milk bottle screw-cap closures with a diameter of 38 mm. Every hour, approximately 29,000 screw-cap closures are injection-molded from HDPE. Each one weights 2.8 grams. Output volumes this large have always required a great deal of attention be paid to quality assurance, increased efficiency and operability. In line with these principles and with the spirit of Industry 4.0, Netstal is teaming up with its system partner Intravis to demonstrate the integration of external peripheral data. In a continuous control loop, the machine control system receives up-to-date information on individual product characteristics from the Cap Watcher III visual inspection system. The information gained allows the injection molding machine to calibrate itself and continuously produce screw-cap closures while adhering to extremely strict tolerances. 

Reaction Process Machinery demonstrating technological leadership
Technologically speaking, KraussMaffei is a leader in Reaction Process Machinery. "By innovating process technology developments, our engineers continue to make applications more sophisticated. At the Competence Forum, we will be giving numerous live demonstrations to show why we hold this leading position, as well as providing a glimpse into the future," explains Nicolas Beyl, President of the Reaction Process Machinery segment of the KraussMaffei Group. Along these lines, the new iPulpultrusion system will be producing a glassfiber-reinforced hollow chamber profile in live operation. Thanks to the new injection box, the system enables production speeds that are up to twice as fast. Also making its debut at the Competence Forum is the new fully automated wet molding system. In comparison to manual solutions, this system makes it possible to cut cycle times in half and increase process security. Visitors to the TechCenter will get the chance to see a live demonstration of polyurethane-based sheet component manufacturing on the turnkey system. Another highlight is the production of foamed knee cushions from polyurethane using the new MK 10/15-UVP-2K+4 multi-color mixing head. This head lets you change colors between shots. The colors are neatly separated, which means the user can skip the changeover time in real-life production. Time-consuming production interruptions and rinsing procedures are eliminated.
Additional exhibits like the new electric I-panel mold carrier or the new optimized SCS mixing head for structural component spraying round out the extensive Portfolio.

Technological highlights from pipe and profile extrusion
KraussMaffeiBerstorff is concentrating on intelligent solutions in fiber composite technology, as well as manufacturing pipes with engineering polymers. This allows visitors to witness a plastic pipe being wrapped on the TCP (Thermoplastic Composite Pipe) with fiberglass-reinforced UD tapes (on an identical polymer matrix) system in live operation. "By offering this pilot system, we hope to provide our customers with a long-term service that is the only one of its kind worldwide: manufacturing fiber-composite pipes according to custom application requirements for pre-classification," explains Matt Sieverding, President of Extrusion Technology for the KraussMaffei Group.
The fiber-reinforced pipes are not subject to corrosion wear and are extremely suitable for high-pressure applications in the oil and gas industry in particular; depending on the model, they can also be designed for chemical and/or temperature-resistant applications.
The newly developed KM-3L RKW 250 F? multi-layer pipe head - integrated into a complete pipeline - offers a spectacular demonstration of the manufacturing process for three-layer pipes with a functional polyamide inner layer. These pipes are also suitable for applications in the oil and gas industry thanks to features such as impact strength and abrasion resistance.

A profile coextrusion system is being used to manufacture polycarbonate light covers. This demonstration is a way for KraussMaffeiBerstorff to prove its value as an expert partner that can provide economically attractive solutions for coextruded technical profiles which combine various functional layers, such as transparent or non-transparent.

Additional machines from pipe, direct and sheet extrusion, machines from recycling technology as well as a service point round out the wide range of exhibits.


Supporting program and evening Event
Over the course of two days, the company is both offering an in-depth look into the plant grounds and demonstrating its expertise as a system partner in the digital age. Alongside the live demonstrations, visitors will receive further technical details in the form of lecture series and talks given by presenters. Partner companies from the areas of research, material processing, mold technology and peripheral technology complete the full program agenda. At the evening event on June 6, customers, prospective customers and partners will close out the day by getting together and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere with their contact persons. 

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A. Press pictures in print quality versions for download 

1. PM_KMG_2018_01: More speed for high-volume packaging: Popcorn buckets with wrinkle surface aesthetics are
    produced on a GX 650 with the new speed option

2. PM_KMG_2018_02: High precision during LSR processing: The PX SilcoSet series from KraussMaffei

3. PM_KMG_2018_03: ColorForm shining in PianoBlack: A GXW 650 produces an interior panel for vehicle manufacturing

4. PM_KMG_2018_04: Fast color change from shot to shot: Foamed polyurethane knee cushions produced with the new
    multi-color mixing head

5. PM_KMG_2018_05: Wrapping a plastic pipe with fiberglass-reinforced UD tapes (TCP)

6. PM_KMG_2018_06: KM-3L RKW 250 F? multi-layer pipe head - integrated into a complete Pipeline


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