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CNCE Holds Annual Work Meeting in Beijing
Source: 装备总公司 Date: 2018-02-01

CNCE hosted its annual work meeting in Beijing on January 28. Following the ChemChina annual work meeting, the meeting attendees reviewed the work done in 2017 and the first two years of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, redefined the corporate development strategy for the following three years, and arranged priority tasks for 2018 to better serve the Chinese chemical industry.

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CNCE President Cai Ting gave a report entitled “Build a Leading Enterprise in the Manufacturing of Green, Intelligent Digital Equipment through Further Collaborative Development and More Efficient Operation,” in which he painted a general picture of the company’s performance in 2017. “Last year, we overcame many difficulties and pushed the reform ahead through groundbreaking efforts. On the one hand, we restructured our business into three major clusters, integrated business lines horizontally and vertically, tightened control on the operation of core business, and built up our market competitiveness and international influence. On the other, we brought in more investment and launched the mixed-ownership reform and asset restructuring to help money-losing companies turn around and optimize and restructure our auto parts business. Efforts also continued to streamline our other business lines. Throughout the year, our business revenue grew up by 42% from the previous year, EBITDA by 45% and profits by 6.69%.”

Then Cai moved on to possible major changes to the economic, industrial and technological scenes in 2018 and pointed out that it would be a critical year for CNCE to achieve its 13th Five-Year Plan goals. In the past two years, CNCE has grown into a global leader in rubber and plastic machinery through overseas mergers and acquisitions. In the new era, positioned to serve the Chinese chemical industry, it will continue to strengthen three pillar business units, namely rubber and plastic machinery, chemical equipment and SHE equipment, in support of ChemChina’s development in materials science, life science and environmental science. Through transformation and upgrade, it will pursue innovation to promote the development of digital equipment, in an attempt to grow into a globally competitive chemical equipment manufacturer as soon as possible

ChemChina Vice President and CNCE Chairman Bai Xinping delivered the closing remarks entitled “Advance Business Development through Innovation-Driven Transformation and Upgrade,” demanding more efforts in the following areas to achieve the corporate goals of 2018: (1) promoting intelligent products, equipment, production process, management and services to pursue innovation-driven development and IT-based transformation and upgrade; (2) vigorously advocating the pursuit of quality and excellence in all areas and links of production and operation; (3) advancing business integration, streamlining and restructuring, in particular the asset and business consolidation with KraussMaffei; (4) strengthening Party building.

ChemChina Chairman Ren Jianxin was also present at the meeting. Explaining CNCE’s new positioning for the new era, he called on strenuous efforts in the development of digital equipment, chemical robots and new business models and raised expectations for CNCE’s development in the next step. He concluded his remarks with a pep talk to boost the morale and spur employees to work in one mind and one heart toward the set goals.

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The meeting also featured work reports by the 10 functional departments of CNCE . Dr. Frank Stieler, CEO of KraussMaffei, shared his insights into digital manufacturing, mapping out a digital, intelligent future. In panel discussions, delegates deliberated on the work reports and promised to earnestly follow the work arrangements made by ChemChina and CNCE for 2018.

On the eve of the work conference, the “CNCE BEYOND FUTURE” salon was staged, inviting delegates to exchange ideas in a free, easy atmosphere while enjoying music and wine. In the opening remarks, Cai Ting told stories about the craftsmanship of Chinese and German workers, and said, “It’s the best of times. With KraussMaffei, we’ll see one plus one makes more than two.” Dr. Stieler shared the changes to KraussMaffei since it became part of ChemChina and his personal feelings about them.

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At the global vision session, Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of KraussMaffei’s Injection Molding Machinery, shared his feelings about winning the ChemChina Medal for Management Excellence, and his insights into advanced manufacturing and rubber & plastic machinery. Lee DeokKeun, General Manager of Deyang CRRC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. gave his New Year blessings and looked forwards to further cooperation between the two companies. At the dialogue session, KraussMaffei’s CFO Harald Nippel, COO Ye Wei of Fujian Sanming Chemical Machinery, Executive Deputy General Manager Zhang Hongbo of Guilin Rubber Machinery, General Manager Wang Weihong of Bluestar Machinery, and Chairman and General Manager Sun Yuqing of Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing joined CEO Cui Xiaojun of KraussMaffei Shanghai, who acted as the guest host, in sharing their life and work, and their opinions on the differences between Germany and China and on how to improve corporate management.

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The year of 2018 will mark the 180th anniversary of KraussMaffei. Two lucky employees were drawn to receive the ticket to the anniversary celebration from Ren Jianxin and Dr. Stieler. At the end of the event, the CNCE paint box was lighted, signaling a bright future for the company.

The event gathered an audience of 84, including CNCE executives, head-office executives, subsidiary executives, and employee representatives.

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