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CNCEC Launches Anti-Corruption Education
To Build the Sunshine Construction Project
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-12-03

Recently, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (CNCEC) has launched the anti-corruption education activity at the Chongqing branch of Beijing Deyang CRRC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and attracted the participation of project managers, heads and staffs of the project department and CNCEC representatives.

It introduced the current anti-corruption campaign launched by the central government and analyzed typical cases to explain the risks and preventive measures for discipline violation in engineering construction projects. Project overseers and managers signed the agreement on responsibilities for building a clean party and the whole project team signed the letter of commitment for honest business.

The Chongqing branch, located in Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone, was built to meet the supportive needs of some products of Beijing Hyundai and facilitate the development of Deyang CRRC . After the completion of the Phase I project, due in July 2016, products to be developed include: the dashboard, the tank bracket, and some products that were developed via outsourcing.

Engineering construction is a breeding ground for discipline violations. By launching the anti-corruption education activity, the responsibilities of project overseers and heads of the project team were specified and all the staffs of the project department were demanded to discipline themselves in project tendering & bidding, purchase, the management and use of hospitality funds, and cost control to create a clean and upright environment for project environment.

The learning materials have been distributed to enterprises related. The CNCEC will take this opportunity to launch continuous anti-corruption education activities throughout major construction projects, build a stronger punishment and prevention system against discipline violations and improve self discipline against corruption.

 (By reporter Zhang Yi)

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