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ChemChina Tops China’s Top 500 Chemical Companies
Source: ChemChina Date: 2015-11-03

Recently the top 500 Chinese chemical companies have been released in Shanghai, with their respective overall situation analyzed. ChemChina topped the ranking for a second time.

At the conference, President of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association (CCEMA) Wang Shugang said that the combined business revenue of the top 500 chemical companies took up 21.6% of the industry’s total in 2002 and the figure had been growing year by year to 49.98% in 2014. The data provided by National Bureau of Statistics shows that in 2014, China had 25,981 chemical companies above the designated scale, with the combined principal business income of RMB 8.76 trillion.

It’s known that the top 100 (50) Chinese companies in seven sub-industries: chemical coking, chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizers, synthetic materials, the making of special chemical products, rubber processing, and chemical equipment were also released.

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