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Guilin Rubber Machinery Introduces the First Smart Logistics System in China
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-07-13

After a year of testing, Guilin Rubber Machinery has recently launched its independently developed smart logistics system for vulcanization workshops.  With this new system introduced, machines will fully replace people in vulcanization workshops where it is always hot. This people-oriented system is the first of its kind in China and application for an invention patent has been submitted.

Due to historical reasons and other issues, tyre manufacturers in China now still relies on manual work and carts for production and logistics, and computer for statistics. As the entire industry poses higher and more urgent requirements for real-time production scheduling, manpower saving, and error prevention, and pays closer attention to smart logistics, Guilin Rubber Machinery made active efforts to seize the opportunity and launch its smart logistics system for vulcanization workshops. The system integrates a wide range of technologies such as automatic recognition, data mining, artificial intelligence, informatization, etc. and is comprised of unmanned carts, a dispatch management system, a navigation system, an automatic charging system, wireless communication network, and a data collection system. By coordinating the material flow, information flow, and capital flow through smart manufacturing technologies, Guilin Rubber Machinery improves its production efficiency and the overall corporate efficiency, saving resources and reducing pollution. Currently, Guilin Rubber Machinery is promoting the system to more users and has won high recognition from many customers. The system meets customers’ needs for environment-friendliness and will bring more growth potentials for the company.

By building an unmanned factory, Guilin Rubber Machinery fulfills its vision of driving up industrialization with informatization. On the basis of this smart logistics system for vulcanization workshops, the company will proceed to build a complete IT platform for tyre manufacturing. This will be an important starting point for Guilin Rubber Machinery to transform and upgrade and a great opportunity to showcase its core competence in technology. Moreover, it will help with the shift from “made in China” to “smartly made in China”. (Li Li)

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