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ChemChina Companies Implement Guiding Principles of SHE Work Conference
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-13

After ChemChina held the 2015 SHE Videophone Meeting, all its companies made responses immediately. They carefully studied specific measures, further specified and quantized work requirements, comprehensively strengthened SHE management, and consolidated the foundation for safe environmental protection.

Taking the chance of implementing the new Production Safety Law of China, Heilongjiang Haohua Chemical Co., Ltd. keeps to the philosophy of fostering the “red line” awareness and the objective of ensuring safe and stable operation of production equipment, and the Party Group, Workers’ Union and Communist Youth League jointly intensify efforts to improve the SHE system.  In 2015, we shall further improve the safety management systems, positively carry out safety emergency drills and safety knowledge contests, and hold theme meetings to raise our safe operation skills and production safety awareness of all staff members. During the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, we conducted production equipment, facility and environmental safety diagnosis in an all-around manner, and cracked down on illegal operations on positions involving inflammables and explosives such as the electrolysis of chloralkali production facility, PVC equipment composition, and water and power supply of boilers for dynamic systems. We solved problems we had discovered in a timely manner and kept “reviewing” the situation so as to eliminate the potential hazard and ensure production safety.  The company plans to hold a discussion themed on “If I Were the Victim in a Production Incident” and an exhibition of cartoons on production safety in the near future to publicize the concept of “cherish lives, love life and refuse bloody profits.” In the second half of the year, we will step up environment-friendly construction and strictly control the environmental risks through such measures as strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction, scientific innovation and technological transformation and increasing investment into environment-friendly facilities so as to ensure the company's production safety, breaking through the bottleneck and making profit in fierce market competition.   

Xi’an Lishan Automobile Factory set up two inspection groups. Responsible persons and safety officers of all its affiliated plants coordinated with each other and went to the front-line positions for an one-to-one, across-the-board safety check.  According to the guiding principles of SHE conference, priorities of the safety check mainly included safety management on the production site and of equipment operation, assuming of responsibility for safety management, formulation and implementation of rules and regulations, fire safety management, emergency management, etc. The inspection groups, based on priorities to be checked, formulated target standards in their work. By drawing inferences from one instance and paying attention to even a small problem, they checked every detail in production. As for potential hazards discovered in safety check, they issued a total of 21 Notices on Elimination of Potential Safety Hazards and instructed related parties to make correction within a limited period. They acquired 140 fire extinguishers of different kinds for the plants and family residential areas, purchased and installed two sets of fire hydrants. Moreover, they checked the large equipment, designated persons for management, and signed safety agreements on equipment management.

Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd. conducted a safety check of potential hazards in production before the Spring Festival. The inspection group laid emphasis on marks and maintenance of parts vulnerable to evaporating, emitting, dripping or leaking of liquid or gas of facilities in every workshop and work section, implementation of production safety responsibility system, potential hazard rectification, training of safety education for staff, use of fire extinguishers, traffic-smooth fire engine access, etc. After the check, the company required every workshop and work section to lay emphasis on production safety, further specify the responsibilities and pay attention to safety in every step; check all kinds of potential hazards in an all-around way and strengthen staff training to ensure production safety; improve fire protection facilities, and formulate contingency plans to ensure in-place fire safety measures; intensify efforts for self-check and self-rectification, and strengthen daily inspection to ensure that potential hazards can be eliminated in the initial stage.   

Haohua Yuhang Chemical Co., Ltd., to ensure production safety during the Spring Festival, organized the program of confirming conditions for production safety. The Form of Confirming Conditions for Production Safety was worked out, and staff members were organized to analyze and confirm problems existing in production, equipment, safety, environment, technical operation, and other aspects. The discovered potential hazards were included in the content for shift change so that they could be followed up and handled, and solutions for problems in safety management could be well prepared in advance.  

Siping Haohua Chemical Co., Ltd., according to the actual situation of the company, took multiple measures to ensure production safety before and after the Spring Festival. The Safety Responsibility Agreement was signed between the company and affiliated plants, between plants and groups, between groups and individuals, to specify the safety responsibility of each level in the company.  At the same time, safety education and training, and fire protection training were provided to staff many times, which helped them to recognize the importance of production safety and to build up an attitude of being fully responsible for their life and property so that they could lay great emphasis on production safety spiritually, implement all safety measures systematically and institutionally and minimize the occurrence of incidents. (Cheng Mingxia, Zhang Aiting, Gao Yan, Fu Haiping, Ma Xiao, Li Qun)

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