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ChemChina highlights international chemical expo
Source: CNCE Date: 2014-10-11

ChemChina promoted its idea that life needs chemicals at the 13th China International Chemical Industry Fair held at the Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The fair was jointly hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the Tianjin government.

ChemChina displayed the role of chemicals in daily life with four themes: new products and life, new technology and application, life and science, and environment and service. It showed how cutting-edge chemical technology and products have improved people's lives.

ChemChina's booth features a semicircle shape and a distinctive yet inclusive layout. The design broke with the traditional form of simple display boards and combined real and virtual scenes of downstream products, as well as iPad interaction. The four display boards were well-arranged and attracted the attention of many visitors. The application of QR codes paid off and upgraded the company's comprehensive brand strength.

Chemical applications have penetrated into every aspect of life, from planes, trains and cars down to kitchen and household appliances, mobile phones and cosmetics. At the new product and life section, real objects or models were displayed to let visitors feel how close their lives are associated with chemicals and how much convenience chemicals bring. The section mainly featured Bluestar's organosilicone and carbon fiber and Zhonghao's organic fluorine.

The new technology and application section showcased economic and social values brought by ChemChina's energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, such as using coke oven gas to produce natural gas for civil use by the Southwest Research and Design Institute, as well as ChemChina's advanced technology and solutions in waste energy use and new energy development. In addition, Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery's ionic exchange membrane cell remote control supervision platform was presented, and visitors saw how it used real-time data to conduct risk pre-warning and analysis and help with equipment operation and maintenance.

Many visitors were amazed at the virtual miniature of a modern farm featuring green and oily grasslands, free cows, sheep, chickens, lush corn, strawberries and paddies. The farm showed the relationship between chemical and life science, as well as ChemChina's crop protection and methionine animal nutrition products.

At the environment and service section, a large photo panel featuring the night view of the national stadium Bird's Nest displayed Bluestar’s membrane-method water treatment technology, which realizes a 100-percent recycling rate of the stadium’s wastewater and solved 70 percent of the stadium’s water supply. The Hangzhou Water Treatment and Technology Development Center's seawater desalination business and high-end pure water technology and equipment attracted great attention. Many visitors were amazed that many products, such as Tsingtao Beer, Nongfu Spring and Wahaha bottled water used Bluestar's technology and equipment. The water center's pure water technology has also been used in the pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

Li Yongwu, chairman of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Fan Xiaosen, ChemChina's vice-general manager, visited the exhibition and listened to the introduction of the show's content and design ideas given by Liu Yawen, chief commercial officer of ChemChina. Li Yongwu showed great interest in the carbon fire products at the new chemical products board and inquired about relevant production process and capacity.

The 2014 China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference was held during the international expo. The conference focused on the development of the petrochemical industry in the next 10 years and China's innovation development opportunities.

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