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CNEC attends ACHEMA 2012 in Germany
Source: CNCE Date: 2012-07-10


The China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (CNEC) took part in the 30th Achema Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany on June 16-25.

CNEC participated with three of its subsidiaries-Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation, Sichuan BlueStar Machinery Co. Ltd and Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory.

The company introduced its most competitive products, including: the largest steam rotary dryer in the world, large polyethylene fluidized-bed reactor, large anodic protection acid cooler, large plastic mixing rubber granulation device, large PTA dryer, four-shaft paddle dryer, large ethylene cracking furnace, electric stove, large labyrinth compressor, large hydrogenation reactor, large storage tank, DN2400 urea reactor and large gasifier.

CNEC's exhibit was well received. Visitors from over 30 countries and districts viewed the products and communicated with its delegates. CNEC has reached preliminary cooperation agreements with companies on six projects, and another ten projects are under negotiation.

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