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Guilin Rubber Machinery Delivers Its First 77-inch New-type Dual-mode Hydraulic Vulcanizer
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-05-20

On May 18, Guilin Rubber Machinery’s first self-developed 77-inch new-type dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizer for engineering tires was packaged and delivered to a domestic customer.

Compared with the traditional mechanical vulcanizer for engineering tires, the new dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizer for 77-inch engineering tires has six advantages under the same dual-mode specification: dual-mode design and compact main structure save over 20% of occupied space; the lifting of the crossbeam adopts the patented technology—double guide posts, which makes the lifting more stable and reliable and features higher repetition accuracy; the left and right modes are completely independent, which can vulcanize tires with different specifications in both single mold and double modes; the servo double-pump hydraulic control system is adopted thanks to its energy-saving, environment-friendly, efficient and low-noise features, greatly improving the working environment of the vulcanization workshop; the auxiliary vulcanization time is shortened by nearly 25% and the production efficiency is enhanced by a large margin; and the open structural layout and large maintenance space are easier for daily operation and maintenance. On April 29, the equipment was verified and recognized by the customer.

Guilin Rubber Machinery has been committed to practicing the philosophy of “in science we trust.” By relying on the national well-recognized enterprise-based technology center as a platform, it has fostered new points of innovation through a new mechanism. Established in 2019, the Rubber Machinery Division has relied on the advantages of Guilin Rubber Machinery’s R&D platform, industrialization and brand integration to stimulate innovation vitality, enrich product structure, expand sales channels and bring more innovative products and solutions to customers around the world.

Lei Ji, deputy chief engineer of Guilin Rubber Machinery and director of the Technology Center, said, “The successful R&D of this new product has expanded our company’s product line of 70-80 inch dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizers, laid a solid foundation for the R&D of dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizers for engineering tire of other specifications, and provided strong equipment-based support for our customers to efficiently produce high-quality engineering tire products.”

In recent years, Guilin Rubber Machinery has continuously increased its investment in R&D and innovation, providing a strong technical guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise and helping customers make a host of breakthroughs. In 2015, the 210-inch hydraulic vulcanizer independently developed by the Company was applied to producing 63-inch giant tires for domestic customers, ending the history that tires of this specification could not be produced at home and breaking the international monopoly. In the same year, the 52.5-inch mechanical single-mold vulcanizer self-developed by the Guilin-based Company was specially used for foreign customers to produce high-grade tires for BMW and other high-end sports cars, winning consecutive orders. In 2019, the 212-inch hydraulic vulcanizer was developed to assist Aeolus Tyre in producing its current largest engineering radial tire.

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