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Xi’an Lishan Builds Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection Vehicle
The multi-functional vehicle is made with ingenuity
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-05-14

The outbreak of the epidemic has changed people’s health habits and refreshed their awareness of health and epidemic prevention. In the post-epidemic era, routine epidemic prevention and disinfection will become the new normal, especially for public places and environmental facilities such as communities, factories, farms, markets, squares, and roads. However, how can we improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs?

Recently, Xi’an Lishan, an affiliated enterprise of CNCE, launched its mini ingenious multi-functional dust-suppression vehicle, one special operation vehicle fitted with the disinfectant production equipment integrating epidemic prevention, disinfection, and spraying operations. The vehicle can be used not only for daily spraying, dust suppression and garden irrigation, but also for epidemic prevention and disinfection with self-made disinfectant anytime and anywhere after being equipped with a vehicle-mounted sodium hypochlorite generator. Especially in the period of preparedness and emergency response of epidemic outbreak, it is not limited by the storage and transportation of finished disinfectants, thus greatly improving the timeliness and mobility of epidemic prevention operations.

This epidemic prevention and disinfection vehicle adopts DAM15KR (State VI) engine, with a wheelbase, length, width and height of 3,400, 5,280, 1,725 and 2,440cm respectively and a weight of 3.1 tons. The volume of water tank is 1,000L when carrying the hypochlorite generator (1,500L when not). The person in charge of the project said, “Small and micro vehicles designed for epidemic prevention and disinfection are based on the investigation of a raft of application scenarios and examples. They can more easily and flexibly enter crowded places and narrow roads to carry out relevant spraying and disinfection operations, with more mobility and a wider range of usable scenarios.”

The vehicle-mounted sodium hypochlorite generator, one of its core equipment, adopts the mature electrolysis technology, skid-mounted technology, and full-automatic control technology of BCMC and Bluestar Machinery, both of which are affiliated enterprises of ChemChina. Only common salt and water are required for continuously preparation of disinfectant. 80L of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant (with an effective rate of 500g) can be prepared in 30 minutes, with the proportional dilution of 1,000L water completed. The vehicle is fitted with two sets of power supply systems, grid-based and on-board power supplies, which can be utilized to complete the generation and preparation of disinfectant during parking and driving.

In terms of spraying function, the vehicle is equipped with three devices including water mist gun, hand-held spraying gun, and road sprinkler. The water mist gun can be used not only to clean and disinfect the air environment in public places, but also to purify the surrounding air quality, such as spraying dust on construction sites or square roads, with a spraying area of 50,000 square meters. The hand-held spraying gun can be utilized to spray and disinfect surfaces of mobile facilities or objects with limited working space. It can also be used for high-pressure cleaning or daily environmental greening and watering, with a continuous operation lasting about 40 minutes. The road sprinkler can clean or disinfect the road floor with a width of 3 meters, with a length of 5km in one operation.

“From the standard on-board device, we provide customers with two basic models with and without on-board sodium hypochlorite generator. According to daily usage scenarios of customers, we will provide customized services such as functions and color matching to accurately match the application needs of customers,” said the person-in-charge of Xi’an Lishan.

Incorporated in 1929, Xi’an Lishan is a large-scale automobile manufacturer designated by the country. In the production of special refitted vehicles, Xi’an Lishan has specialized in the exquisite production technology for many years, with products including motor homes, launchers of unmanned aerial vehicle, satellite test vehicles, and command vehicles for civil air defense engineering. Its deicing liquid spreader has been applied at Beijing Daxing International Airport.


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