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Guilin Rubber Machinery Donates Masks to Hubei Aulice
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-04-02

  “Thank you very much for your deep friendship!”

  On March 27, Hubei Aulice Tyre Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Hubei Aulice) expressed its gratitude to Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereafter called GRM) immediately after receiving 10,000 masks from GRM.

  Amid the threatening novel coronavirus epidemic, Huangshi City, where Hubei Aulice is located, was the hardest hit area of the epidemic. As a long-term partner, GRM has been paying close attention to the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Aulice. Knowing that Hubei Aulice was in short supply of epidemic prevention materials, GRM began to raise anti-epidemic materials for Hubei Aulice. After the resumption of Hubei logistics, GRM immediately sent raised masks to Hubei Aulice to support it to resume work and production, fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties.

  GRM and Hubei Aulice have always maintained a good business cooperation relationship. Since their cooperation in 2013, GRM has successively provided Hubei Aulice with nearly 100 tire vulcanizers to help it produce a variety of high-quality engineering tires, agricultural tires and small- and medium-bus tires. GRM’s good operation and timely and efficient maintenance services have been recognized by Hubei Aulice.

  GRM has always regarded its partners as part of an inseparable community, committed itself to bringing high-quality products and services to customers, proactively practiced its responsibilities, and striven to become a responsible integrated service provider of rubber machinery.

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