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Guilin Rubber Machinery Delivers 70-Million-Yuan Overseas Order
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-03-19

On March 12, trucks loaded with vulcanizing machines left Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) successively in the spring drizzle and headed for Shenzhen’s shipping terminal. They were to be transported to Turkey. It had been the largest batch of exported equipment shipped by GRM since its resumption of work. It was also the largest project after GRM has cooperated with the Turkish customer, with a total amount of 70 million yuan.

The entire project includes 78-inch, 95-inch and 105-inch large-scale engineering tire vulcanizers. The exported vulcanizers are a traditional competitive product of GRM. Servo control technology is adopted for some mechanism movements, which improves the stability and convenience of the equipment operation. According to the customer’s needs, the project has also been modified, improved in details and appearance, and optimized and re-adjusted in local structures. The vulcanizers are more suitable for the customer’s usage habits, featuring high efficiency, stability, and high automation. They will be used in OTR tire production lines for the Turkish customer, playing an important role in improving production capacity.

With a long-term good partnership with the Turkish customer, GRM has so far provided it with 6 batches of about 90 vulcanizers involving hundreds of millions of yuan. For the Turkish customer, GRM has proactively paid return visits to understand the usage, solve problems in time, and provide it with a complete set of targeted service plans.

In recent years, GRM has made more efforts to serve customers along the “Belt and Road” route. While serving traditional customers, GRM has also developed markets such as Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, establishing a good national brand image.

GRM, while strictly implementing measures for the epidemic prevention and control, has coordinated all links of the production line to ensure the timely output of the project. During the period of the epidemic prevention and control, long-distance logistics transportation and wharf shipping were rigorously restricted. For this reason, GRM repeatedly communicated with many logistics and shipping agents more than one month in advance, and finally developed a safe transportation scheme in line with the epidemic prevention and control. Following that Sri Lanka’s goods set off smoothly on February 27, this is another overseas order shipped in time.

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