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Fujian Tianhua Speeds up Equipment Production to Help Fight Epidemic
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-02-19

On February 10 when the work was resumed, Fujian Tianhua received a demand to speed up the production of KraussMaffei’s PXA system injection molding machine. It is learned that these injection molding machines will be used by many medical equipment manufacturers to produce anti-epidemic medical materials such as syringes, plastic masks, protective masks, goggles, and disinfection appliances.

For this reason, Fujian Tianhua has optimized and adjusted its production schedule, giving priority to ensuring the production of injection molding equipment to guarantee the production and supply of medical materials. The employees who returned to their front-line positions have fulfilled their mission, worked overtime, and fully promoted the production of PX series of all-electric injection molding machines in strict accordance with KraussMaffei’s manufacturing process and quality requirements.

It is understood that KraussMaffei will supply strong technical support and maintenance guarantee for the high-speed operation of these equipment. After Hongzhun Technology adopted PX series of all-electric injection molding machines, the production capacity of its new N95 food-grade silicone mask could be rapidly increased, reaching 400,000 sets per day.

At present, Fujian Tianhua has given full play to its own advantages and developed PXA all-electric injection molding machine together with KraussMaffei. The R&D personnel have taken part in mechanical, electrical, software and other related design and development. Meanwhile, they have also provided technical support for the installation and debugging of on-site machines and are responsible for completing most of the design of prototype of PXA injection molding machine.

The head of the project said that Fujian Tianhua would do all in its power to complete the production task of PX series of injection molding machines with high standards and high quality, contributing to winning the battle against the epidemic!

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