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KraussMaffei Accelerates Production of Anti-epidemic Medical Materials
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-02-14

In early 2020, the novel coronavirus epidemic touched everyone's hearts. As the epidemic continued to escalate, many places began to be in serious shortage of medical supplies, including masks, protective clothing, protective masks, goggles and others, with the use of medical devices such as syringes and disinfection devices rising sharply.

Under the overall planning and guidance of relevant government departments, a host of relevant enterprises resumed the production of epidemic prevention and control materials ahead of schedule and accelerated production to ensure supplies with maximum production capacity and race against time for fighting the epidemic.

KraussMaffei, CNCE’s overseas enterprise, is playing an important role in the production of medical materials in its own manner. Its PX series of all-electric injection molding machines, PX Venture of all-electric injection molding machines and other equipment have acted as a major force in many medical equipment manufacturers. Currently, KraussMaffei is actively responding to the needs of medical equipment customers and supplying strong technical support for the high-speed operation of the equipment, in a bid to fight the epidemic!

Remote Support Ensures Smooth Production

To ensure the health and safety of customers and employees and the normal operation of medical manufacturers’ equipment, KraussMaffei can provide 24-hour online technical support to solve customers’ equipment problems in the shortest possible time.

KraussMaffei has also provided free remote collaboration services for equipment-related problems of Hubei manufacturers and those concerning operating equipment of customers specializing in the medical industry. Also, to provide timely remote support, KraussMaffei has also set up WeChat-based equipment stewards, and designated engineers to provide timely and necessary online technical support services by creating equipment maintenance groups. Meanwhile, it has overcome difficulties to continue to supply services such as equipment renovation and upgrading consultation as well as spare parts ordering.

KraussMaffei’s engineer provides remote support to customers

High-efficiency Products Improve the Production Capacity of Injection Molded Parts for New-type Masks

In the special period, the maximization of production capacity of medical materials held the key to the race against time. At the critical moment, KraussMaffei's injection molding machines have played an important role in mask production.

Just after the Spring Festival, KraussMaffei's customer Hongzhun Technology received the requirement to produce injection molded parts for new masks. To win the battle against the epidemic, they joined hands with several mold factories to work overtime day and night, and completed the formal proofing and mass production of three sets of molds in only five days by using KraussMaffei PX Venture of injection molding machines.

Compared with other equipment from KraussMaffei’s peers, PX Venture of injection molding machine, featuring a highly stable motor, large-size templates and lengthened tie rods, showcases advantages at this time, improving production capacity and yield. Moreover, its all-electric drive avoids the problem of oil pollution and meets the rigorous requirements of medical devices for cleanliness.

At present, the production capacity of injection molded parts for Hongzhun Technology producing new food-grade silicone masks rated as N95 or higher is gradually increasing, with an estimated daily output of 400,000 sets. After masks are assembled, they will be prioritized for front-line medical workers.

Precision Technologies Improve Efficiency of Disinfection and Protection Articles

Quantitative valves and nozzles are the main components of disinfection and protection articles. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for various disinfection and protection articles increased greatly. Vantone (Suzhou) received a large number of orders for quantitative valves and nozzles, including an emergency order from a pharmaceutical enterprise in Wuhan. Vantone resumed work at the end of January to speed up the production of universal quantitative valves and nozzles to support the demand of the first line of epidemic prevention and control. With KraussMaffei's PX series of all-electric injection molding machines, 200,000 products were produced by Vantone per day.


Quantitative valve is composed of measuring body, reversing body and other components. It is featured by accurate quantification, convenient adjustment and simple control. It is widely applied in medium- and high-viscosity media for lubrication, adhesion, pouring, potting and sealing required by disinfection and protection articles.

KraussMaffei’s PX series of all-electric injection molding machines are fitted with the first-class plasticizing device and precise driving technology, achieving the maximum constant injection weight to ensure the production capacity of products. The equipment repeatedly produces products with extremely high quality and efficiency for each injection. The fast non-transverse-force peerless parallel servo hydraulic plasticizing device can shorten the cycle time and prevent nozzle leakage, further ensuring the stability of products. Compared with its counterparts, it is also an all-electric machine with no grease on the Green Column and higher cleanliness.

During the epidemic, many medical material enterprises resumed work and accelerated production day and night. KraussMaffei's equipment was also running at full speed across China, guarding everyone's health and safety. The head of KraussMaffei (China) said, “currently, we will do all in our power to provide professional and reliable technical solutions and equipment maintenance support for customers specializing in the medical industry.”

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