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Xi''an Lishan’s Exclusive Passage Assists Pharmaceutical Companies in Transporting Medical Materials
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-02-01

Faced with the grim situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Xi’an Lishan, in accordance with the unified deployment of ChemChina and the CNCE, quickly studied and implemented the prevention and control, and proactively assisted pharmaceutical companies in the park to deliver materials and jointly fight against the epidemic while fully ensuring the safety of the company's park and the health of its employees.

In view of the large number of pharmaceutical companies in the park, Xi'an Lishan has formulated the Notice on the Management of Personnel and Vehicles in the Park during the Epidemic Period, requiring that a vehicle be in the charge of designated personnel and vehicles and personnel be registered and disinfected before heads of relevant units personally go to the south gate of the company to lead their vehicles into the park to load goods and then leave quickly. On the premise of preventing the further spread of the epidemic, it has opened special passages for vehicles of pharmaceutical companies transporting drugs and medical devices to the epidemic area by simplifying procedures for them to pass through the park quickly. On January 28 alone, 80-plus vehicles were assisted in transporting medical supplies and equipment.

To help pharmaceutical companies to transport drugs, the Safety and Environment Department and the security company held a special coordination meeting to solicit opinions from pharmaceutical companies and help them solve on-site problems. Meng Shoubin, Deputy Director of the Safety and Environment Department, gave up his vacation and returned to Xi’an from Pingchuan, Gansu Province, a trip of 600 kilometers, on the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Before he could go home, he went to the site to command, hold his post firmly, and patrol and coordinate continuously for 10-plus hours a day. In addition, Xi’an Lishan has arranged relevant personnel of the Safety and Environment Department to be on duty 24 hours a day, strengthening the monitoring of medical warehouses and personnel. Meanwhile, Xi’an Lishan proactively contacted pharmaceutical companies and delivered over 1,000 masks to the CNCE and its sister units lacking masks and protective devices.

The security company has deployed more personnel to strengthen routine inspection and control and conducted a comprehensive inspection of all vehicles and personnel entering the park to ensure that no vehicle or person is missed, giving priority to the passage of vehicles transporting drugs.

Now, the flow of people and vehicles in the park has further increased. Xi’an Lishan will continue to take active actions, cooperate closely with pharmaceutical companies and support each other, carry out scientific deployment, and do a good job in resource allocation to supply strong guarantee for pharmaceutical companies.

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