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Tianhua Institute Wins First Prize of Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-12-17

At the commendation meeting of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Tianhua Institute, a subsidiary of the CNCE, won the honorary title of Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in the 2019 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry. Also, Tianhua Institute participated in the research and development of Key Technologies for Welding Form Regulation for Intrinsic Safety of Major Pressure-bearing Equipment and won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

Over the years, Tianhua Institute has kept exploring and developing innovation mechanisms such as innovation input, talent incentive, and innovation cooperation; technology and talents such as cultivation of innovation team, creation of innovation conditions, and technology accumulation and reserve; technology innovation output and benefits. The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized an expert panel to evaluate and award Tianhua Institute, aiming to commend Tianhua Institute for promoting technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation in the petrochemical industry. The meeting was also intended to enhance core competitiveness, set up a model for technological innovation in petroleum and chemical enterprises, and implement the national innovation-driven development strategy, so as to make positive contributions to the establishment of a technological innovation system in the petroleum and chemical industry that is enterprise-oriented and market-oriented and integrates production, teaching and research.

In the future, Tianhua Institute will continue to give full play to its technological innovation and technological advantages, with the vision of being an excellent national brand. It will also make greater contributions to the development of China’s chemical equipment manufacturing industry through innovation and industrial layout.

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