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YRPM''s Internal Mixers Enjoy Brisk Sales in European Market
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-10-17

Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM) successfully launched its Gk190E internal mixer shortly after the National Day. The internal mixer was produced by YRPM for its Italian customer. It is the fifth internal mixer exported to Italy by YRPM. After years of efforts, YRPM has realized the goal of facilitating the introduction of advanced products and helping excellent products go global.

All the five internal mixers exported to Italy by YRPM are Model E (meshing) series of products. The product uses PES5 meshing rotor, so that the rubber compound can be mixed very well. With a low temperature rise, it is suitable for refining all kinds of rubber compound and plastics with high requirements for quality.

In 1985, YRPM signed a contract on manufacture and technical transfer of GK internal mixers with the German WP, and introduced five sizes of products and production technology including GK270N, GK400N and GK190E. After generations of heritage and development, YRPM has developed the GE580 internal mixer of the maximum size in China then, the first tandem internal mixer production line in China and one-stage intelligent rubber mixing production line successively after digestion, absorption and re-innovation. It has achieved the localization of technologies in China, and its products have been favored by extensive customers at home and abroad. Its GE250 internal mixer has been included in the major equipment projects for the 10th Five-Year Plan. In 2004, when the first product was launched, it was ordered by an Italian customer, thus entering the European market successfully and setting an example for large and heavy rubber machinery products to enter the European market.

Now YRPM has had the production capacity of all kinds of internal mixers, ranging from the minimum size GK1.5 to the maximum size GK1000T, and formed two series of products, namely, Model N (shearing) and Model E (meshing), with nearly 30 specifications and models. Its rotor types have also included ZZ-2, PES3, PES5, six-wing type and so on, in addition to the standard four-wing type. Besides, YRPM has achieved a shift in its sales from single units to intelligent rubber mixing production lines and evolved from product output to service output.

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