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GRM Obtains an Order worth 100 Million Yuan for Its All-Steel Mechanical Curing Presses
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-10-17

Recently, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (GRM) obtained an order worth about 100 million yuan for its 63.5-inch and 65.5-inch all-steel mechanical curing presses, the classic models, from a large domestic customer. It is the largest single order of curing presses in the rubber machinery industry this year.

With slow economic recovery and market downturn in the rubber machinery industry, tire enterprises at home and abroad have delayed or cancelled investment in projects over the years. Facing the situation, GRM has found its position, kept an eye on the market, adjusted internal production pace in time, focused on quality improvement and efficiency enhancement and promoted all aspects of work to step into a new stage.

As a state-owned enterprise with a history of 53 years, GRM has attracted the attention of a large number of big tire customers constantly by virtue of its enterprising spirit of employees, strong technical reserves, big influence formed during the long-term service for domestic and foreign customers and brand of GRM renowned throughout the world.

According to the words of related responsible personnel, GRM will increase the investment in technological upgrading, and produce more high-performance professional numerical control equipment gradually, to improve the working environment of employees fundamentally, enhance the quality and efficiency and inject new vitality to the development of the company. Besides, the company will start from details of products, accelerate industrial optimization and upgrading, and continue to increase its core competitiveness, so as to face market challenges.

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