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YRPM Launches Digital R&D Platform and Cloud Platform Projects
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-10-17

On October 14, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM) has officially launched its digital research and development (R&D) platform and cloud platform projects, marking that YRPM's intelligent rubber machinery digitalized manufacturing base project has stepped into the stage of implementation officially.

Project responsible personnel of the contractor, Management & IT Department of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, YRPM's leaders and related responsible personnel of its Management & IT Department, Technology Department and Process Department attended the launching ceremony. According to introduction, the digital R&D platform project introduces the whole set of overall strategic solutions of Siemens, and the cloud platform adopts the technology of Citrix and VMware. The projects are carried out by two companies respectively in Beijing and Nanjing.

YRPM's digital R&D platform and cloud platform projects, as a part of the intelligent rubber machinery digitalized manufacturing base project, will take cloud platform technology as the infrastructure and building of MBD digital R&D manufacturing management platform as the goal to achieve the model-based information management integrating digital design, manufacturing and management, driven by project management, with product data specifications as the basis and 3D collaborative design as the core. The platform includes the model-based 3D product design, process planning and management in model-based digital manufacturing, MBD quality inspection, model-based digital collaboration and product data management system, 3D design process visual release and digital system integration. Through the building of the platform, a set of new and complete MBD digital product design and manufacturing collaborative management system can be formed to consolidate the base of digital factory.

he cloud platform R&D project as the basis of the whole digital R&D platform infrastructure and the core of the digital factory will provide hardware and software platform for the information-based development of the enterprise in the future. Related responsible personnel said, "We hope that the project can be a benchmark in terms of information construction in the design field through the joint efforts of all parties".

With the launch of the two platform projects, the overall relocation and technical transformation of YRPM, that is, the intelligent rubber machinery digitalized manufacturing base project, has officially entered the stage of implementation. The construction of the digitalized manufacturing base will promote YRPM's digitalized product manufacturing and intelligent production, provide a strong incentive for enterprise transformation, upgrading, innovation and development and offer greater equipment support for the development of rubber tire industry in China.

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