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Taizhou 7816 Fights against Super Tycoon Lekima
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-08-13

At 1:45AM on August 10, Super Tycoon “Lekima”, the ninth in the year, made landfall in Taizhou with a maximum wind force of 16 and a maximum speed of 52m per second. It is one of the strongest typhoons since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Taizhou 7816 (the Factory), a subsidiary of CNCE, launched the emergency plan on fighting against the typhoon and made proper arrangements for various preventive tasks. As a result, The Factory survived from “Lekima” and ensured safety of state-owned assets and the employees.

The Factory transfers the ships to be delivered to a port before the arrival of Lekima

On August 8, “Lekima” approached the coastal area of Zhejiang Province at a speed of about 15km per hour. Featuring huge energy, wide scope of influence and long duration, “Lekima” was to hit Taizhou and the Factory bore the brunt of severe test. At 9AM, the Factory held a meeting and launched the emergency plan on guarding against the typhoon. Relevant leaders of CNCE gave timely instructions on the typhoon prevention work of the Factory, asking Party members to carry through the typhoon resistance and post-disaster self-rescue work.

The Party branch of the bearing factory organizes Party members and employees to make preparations for guarding against the typhoon

In accordance with the plan, the emergency team made detailed arrangements for reinforcing facilities and equipments in the company and required all the employees to avoid the disaster and troubleshoot potential risks, allowing no omission, dead zone and delay in fighting against the flood. Party officials of all departments braced themselves for the typhoon. At the noon, the emergency team transferred the three ships that stopped at the port to a typhoon shelter on the upper stream of the Jiaojiang River.

Closing the first sluice gate

At 7:00AM on August 19, the emergency team used a crane to close the sluice gate of the dock and reinforced the gantry cranes and racks for shipbuilding in the factory in accordance with the standard for typhoon resistance, transferred some accessories at the open dock, erected barrier gates for the internal gates of the low-lying workshops of the sliding bearings, piled up the sandbags at the external gates, and locked and sealed the glasses of the warehouses. At 10:30AM, the emergency team closed the second gate at the dyke, cut off the power supply, and evacuated the personnel at the operating areas. 

The factory area of Taizhou 7816

The destructive power of “Lekima”

At 00:00AM on August 10, “Lekima” approached Taizhou with fierce winds and heavy rains, and the water level rose. Within less than one hour, the whole factory area of the Factory was flooded with water with a depth up to one meter. The typhoon even uprooted big trees. The operators on duty on the shore did not sleep all night, inspecting key sites including workshops, dykes, ponds and the power distribution room, etc., keeping contact with the operators on duty on the ships, learning about the information on ships in a real-time manner, and reminding all the operators on duty to be on alert, paying attention to their safety and strengthening prevention.

Party officials and employees of the ship building & repairing factory drive the ship to avoid the typhoon

On the early morning of August 10, “Lekima” left Taizhou and moved northwards. As the Factory took proper and appropriate precautions, it did not inflict severe damages during the super tycoon. After two days of disaster relief and self rescue and preparations for resumption of work. On the morning of August 12, the Factory resumed its production on a full scale.

The Factory resumes its production on a full scale

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