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Xi’an Lishan’s Special Vehicle Tailored for Daxing International Airport
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-06-21

Now, Beijing Daxing International Airport has entered the countdown to the completion and acceptance of the project on June 30. We are also making contributions to the construction of the international port, which will soon become China’s super-large international aviation hub and an important airport.

Recently, Xi’an Lishan, an affiliated enterprise of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., has delivered a customized anti-freeze filling truck to Beijing Daxing International Airport.

At the beginning of this year, Xi’an Lishan received a customized production task of the airport for antifreeze filling trucks. In order to ensure the smooth navigation of the airport, Xi’an Lishan has focused on the application requirements to complete the customized truck. It has prioritized the R&D, drawing of structural drawings, assembly design and overall design of the whole vehicle. It has assigned special personnel to supervise and follow up all production process nodes and successfully delivered vehicles recently.

Technicians from both sides discuss the details of the antifreeze filling vehicle.

In recent years, Xi’an Lishan has strengthened its cooperation with research institutes. With the help of Xi’an De-icing Fluid High-Tech Institute, it has developed a series of multi-function and multi-purpose special airport vehicles to provide more than 40 special airport vehicles to major airports across the country.

De-icing fluid spreader co-developed by Xi’an Lishan and scientific research institutes

Previously, the multi-functional spreader developed by Xi’an Lishan was put into use at Jinan International Airport. The spreader adopts the high-pressure liquid-spraying and electronically controlled technology, integrates pavement deicing, sprinkling, firefighting, and greening spraying, and provide fast efficient and safe services for airport runways, expressways and urban roads.

(Correspondent Zhang Aiting)

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