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Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Approved for Overall Relocation and Technological Upgrading
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-06-13

Recently, the construction project of the digital manufacturing base for intelligent rubber machinery or the overall relocation and technological transformation of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery was officially approved by ChemChina.

The relocation site of the project is located in the eastern industrial park of Yiyang high-tech zone, about 54km away from Changsha City. The project construction will be carried out from the two dimensions of intelligent products and digital product manufacturing. The former focuses on technological innovation and aims to develop intelligent rubber machinery products, including intelligent vulcanization and intelligent rubber refining equipment, to provide intelligent solutions for the tire and rubber industry. The latter focuses on the implementation of digitalization of resource management, design, and R&D, and production process under the guidance of Made in China 2025 initiative to achieve the integration of three-dimensional design, simulation, testing, manufacturing, and services. By doing so, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery can enhance its advanced manufacturing capabilities in an all-round way and build a platform based on three-dimensional digital design, technology, and manufacturing.

By upgrading and transforming the equipment to be relocated, the project will add a batch of special high-precision composite processing equipment for core key parts of leading products to meet the demand of digital manufacturing of intelligent rubber machinery and improve the intelligent manufacturing capacity of rubber machinery.

With the implementation of the initiatives of China Rubber Industry Development Strategy and Made in China 2025, the globalization, intelligentization, automation, informatization, and greening of the equipment manufacturing industry have become the general trend of industry development. The Research Report on China Rubber Industry Development Strategy released by China Rubber Industry Association points out that intelligent manufacturing is an important way to build a great country in the rubber industry and that the goal for the next ten years is to embark on the road of intelligent manufacturing and build a strong power in the rubber industry. The transformation and upgrading and the adjustment of the industrial structure of rubber machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises according to the intelligent manufacturing model are the inevitable choice to adapt to the development trend of the industry and enhance their competitive edge.

The approval of this project will speed up the construction of the intelligent rubber machinery digital base of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery to achieve the second leapfrog development of the enterprise and facilitate the early completion and operation of the digital base. According to relevant reports, the overall relocation and construction of the project is planned to take 18 months and is expected to be completed and put into operation in August 2020. By then, a new, modern and intelligent digital manufacturing factory for rubber machinery will emerge in the eastern industrial park of Yiyang high-tech zone.

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