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Xi’an Lishan Conducts Public Benefit Activity for Left-behind Children
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-06-06

The public benefit activity of caring for the healthy growth of left-behind children, sponsored and organized by Xi’an Lishan, an affiliated enterprise of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd, and supported by benevolent organizations and a lot of public-spirited people, was held at Bayi Village Primary School, Jingcun Town, Luonan County, Shaanxi Province.

The primary school located in the Qinling Mountains has more than 330 students, most of whom are left-behind children from families in financial difficulties. Their parents have long been away from them when they serve as migrant workers. Under the guidance of Shaanxi Charity Association of China Council of Lions Clubs, Xi’an Junfengyuan 4S Store affiliated with Xi’an Lishan led a number of benevolent enterprises to launch this charity activity.

They brought uniforms, sports equipment, school bags and stationery to the children and performed singing and dancing programs with schoolteachers and students. The site was brimmed with singing, laughing, warmth and love.

 Relevant leaders of Xi’an Lishan said that this was a useful attempt to organize the large-scale public benefit activity in Xi’an Lishan, hoping that, through this activity, all sectors of society will be encouraged to pay attention to and care for rural left-behind children and jointly build a harmonious healthy growth and living environment for them.

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