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YRPM on the Path of Transformation and Upgrading
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-05-14

Recently, the internal mixer of Guizhou Hongyang Sealing Products Company, the key equipment in its overall production line for technical innovation, was overhauled in Yiyang. It is the key part of the overall technical innovation services for the rubber mixing production line provided by Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (YRPM) to the Hongyang. One year ago, YRPM's one-step intelligent rubber mixing production line was successfully delivered to Guizhou Hongyang Sealing Products Company after nearly one year of safety adjustment and pilot production.

In recent years, YRPM took a market-oriented approach, vigorously implemented the “Blue Ocean Strategy”, developed new technologies, introduced new products and services, and blazed a trail of transformation and development with its own characteristics.

From traditional rubber mixing to one step intelligent rubber mixing

Taking a lead in making technical innovations

Currently, it is urgent to shut down outdated production facilities and upgrade the production process of the traditional rubber products industry. YRPM closely follows the trend to meet market demands and has introduced the innovative solution for one-step intelligent rubber mixing. The solution has been successfully applied in the industries of non-tire rubber products such as engineering rubber, automobile seal and friction material. The solution, in line with the demand characteristics and technical requirements of the rubber industry, with small tandem internal mixer as the core, has overturned the original mode of traditional rubber mixing and realized one-time completion of the master and final mixing of rubber.

The one step intelligent rubber mixing technology adopted at the production line at the rubber mixing workshop of Guizhou Hongyang Sealing Products Company makes it possible for automatic and continuous operation with the help of only two workers. Compared with the traditional mode, the tandem internal mixer has realized one-time completion of the master and final mixing of rubber and doubled the productivity. Both the master and final mixing processes are controlled by the rubber mixing management system and have stable and persistent quality.

At present, the technology has been recognized by a number of rubber products users. In addition to Guizhou Hongyang Sealing, YRPM has signed contracts with a number of enterprises specializing in aviation & aerospace seals, automotive and aerospace hoses, synchronous belts for automotive engines, rubber for medical use and wires and cables. 

The development of diversified maintenance services from repairing of single internal mixer to the technical upgrading of the entire rubber mixing line

Over the past years, YRPM' maintenance service has been a part of its after-sales services, mainly providing the customers with spare parts and simple services of single machine repairing. As the market environment changes, YRPM begins to work to meet customers' overall technical innovation for energy saving as well as increase in efficiency and quality, introduces overall technical innovation services and expands diversified maintenance services.

In October 2018, YRPM worked again with Guizhou Hongyang and provided it with services for increasing quality and innovation of the entire rubber mixing production line. Specifically, K series internal mixers are core equipments of the production line and major platform of the Hongyang Company for the main master mixer. Therefore, the main master mixer requires short downtime for the whole line, and the plan on technical renovation has strict requirements on all processes ranging from design, installation and commissioning. 

According to the plan on technical renovation, YRPM will draw on the management concept of the "one-step intelligent rubber mixing technical project" that has been successfully put into production, make efforts in upgrading the equipment layout, the targeted imported internal mixers, energy saving and upgrading of electric drive systems, and upgrading and improvement of electrical control systems, and build a rubber mixing production line featuring high automation and intelligence for Guizhou Hongyang.

The transformation and upgrading of the maintenance mode have brought a strong development momentum to YRPM, creating a positive cycle of "whole-machine sale drives maintenance services and after-sales services promote the whole-machine sale" as well as the diversified maintenance of the technical renovation of the whole line of internal mixing. In 2018, YRPM received an additional order valuing RMB33.28 million for maintenance, which has become a new area of growth of the company.

Promoting transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to digital factory

In recent years, the rubber industry has ushered in a new revolution, having increasingly strong demands for digital, automated and intelligent development. YRPM has launched the intelligent rubber machinery digital manufacturing base project, aiming to, from the dimensions of product intelligence and product manufacturing digitalization, fully upgrade its equipment capability, build itself into a new digital manufacturing factory and provide supports to build itself into a world-class rubber manufacturer.

Meanwhile, YRPM keeps close track of the development tendency of frontier technologies of the rubber machinery industry at home and abroad, aligns itself with the demands of rubber tires and non-tire rubber products enterprises for equipment upgrading, and keeps upgrading its four major products, namely internal mixer, tire vulcanizer, press vulcanizer and twin-screw extruder.

In the future, YRPM will continue to strive for technical innovation as well as transformation and upgrading of products and the maintenance mode, gradually innovate the traditional manufacturing industry, achieve equipment manufacturing featuring high precision, automation and intelligence, meet the requirements on green, environment-friendly and high-efficient development, and realize revolutionary upgrading of the industry.

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