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Tianhua Institute’s Major Equipment Localization Project Passes Acceptance Check
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-05-07

Recently, the two projects of "Development of Polypropylene Catalyst Addition System" and "Development of Polypropylene Power Separator" jointly undertaken by Tianhua Institute and Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Branch of Sinopec have passed the acceptance check for localization of major equipment. 

The China-made polypropylene catalyst addition system (catalyst pre-contact tank and agitator) is a new type of magnetic drive mechanism and explosion-proof monitoring system innovatively developed by Tianhua Institute. The system has good transmission and sealing effect, eliminates the risk of leakage of dangerous media, and realizes on-line real-time monitoring and accurate control of rotor speed. The overall processing technology of agitator blades improves the operational reliability. 

For the China-made polypropylene power separator, the special mechanical seal and auxiliary system of PP power separator were developed, the processing technology of separator blade was worked out, the structure of flash tank shell and heat tracing pipe was optimized, and the operation reliability was improved.

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