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New Intelligent Twin-screw Extruder of Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery is Put into Production
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-04-12

The intelligent twin-screw extruder XJY-ZS 743/300 II independently researched and developed by Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has been recently put into production. The first batch of finished products will be delivered to the customer in July of this year as planned.

The successful development and production of the intelligent twin-screw extruder is another solid progress made by Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. in product intellectualized R&D and design. As introduced, the machine is characterized by intelligent energy saving and high degree of automation, and is capable to realize the functions of unattended operation, automatic splicing and intelligent matching of rubber sheet production speed. Rapid and efficient equipment maintenance leads to the reduction of the maintenance time, number of maintenance personnel and labor intensity.

In addition, the machine achieves the R&D purposes and meets the production requirements of customers by advanced technologies and measures, such as the technical solutions of plugboard hydraulic locking, double cutters and double universal couplings, as well as guide rail mobile head structure, permanent magnet motor drive, visual monitoring and intelligent speed matching. The guide rail design enables the maintenance personnel to complete the equipment maintenance simply by moving the roller mechanism back and forth via the hydraulic cylinder, making the use of crane unnecessary and the maintenance convenient and efficient. This intelligent guide rail structure will become the mainstream in the development of twin-screw extruder series as the lower auxiliary of internal mixer, a rubber mixing equipment.

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