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Pan Mingyun Wins the Title of “National Technical Expert”
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-03-07

Recently, China’s 14th National Commendation Conference for High-skilled Talents was held in Beijing, commending 167 high-skilled talents from 54 central enterprises, of which 24 persons won “China Skills Award”, 143 persons were honored with honorary title of “National Technology Expert”. “China Skills Award” and “National Technology Expert” are the highest award of the Chinese government for skilled talents. All high-skilled talents receiving the honors are good models and outstanding representatives of China’s industrial workers. Pan Mingyun from Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “National Technology Expert”.

Pan Mingyun is measuring the work piece

Pan Mingyun is a NC borer and senior technician of Fujian Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. He is diligent in study and strives for excellence, has made unique contributions in CNC programming of boring mill and machining of complex parts and solved many problems related to machining. On the basis of the characteristics of equipments he operates and his experience in machining of boring mill, he has developed over 300 machining programs, which are practical, of higher quality and efficiency, making outstanding contributions to brand creation, upgrading and global marketing “Double Wheel” tyre valcanizer. He has won the honorary titles of “Fujian Labor Day Medal”, “Fujian Technical Expert”, “Fujian Special Support Program Talent (First Batch) – Fujian Technology Master” and “Expert Enjoying Special Allowance from the State Council”. As a golden blue-collar worker, he is much respected and approved by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Sanming City to establish “Pan Mingyun Technology Master Studio”.

He not only increases his own skills but also carries out mentoring activities, organizes the workers to study new technologies and drawings at leisure time at his studio so as to increase their theoretical ability and lay a solid foundation for fulfilling the production tasks. Over the years, he has mentored over 30 workers, four of which have become key workers and one is a senior technician and the head of the boring mill team.

The Group calls all the employees to learn from outstanding high-skilled talents. All central enterprises shall speed up to build a contingent of knowledge-based, skilled and creative talents, so as to provide talents for developing first-class enterprises with global competitiveness.

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