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Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Wins Fujian Civilized Unit for Eight Times in a Row
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-12-20

Recently, good news has come from Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery (SDCM). SDCM was on the list of “Fujian Province’s 13th Civilized Units 2015-2017” announced by the CPC Committee and People’s Government of Fujian Province. It has been the eighth consecutive time for SDCM to win the honorary title since 1994, which shows SDCM’s achievements in the progress of enterprise civilization.

The honorary title of “Fujian Provincial Civilized Unit,” the highest honor that is named and granted by the CPC Committee and People’s Government of Fujian Province, marks the comprehensive achievements of the grassroots units in the progress of material, political, cultural and ethical, and social civilization. It is selected every three years.

Over the past 24 years, SDCM has been adhering to the corporate spirit of “boosting the development of industry to serve the country by depending on human efforts.” It has taken the building of civilized units as a powerful starting point for building a harmonious enterprise by unremittingly promoting the establishment of various civilizations in the enterprise. In the sustained and rapid development of the enterprise, SDCM has made continuous progress in the aspects of corporate management, economy, products and services, environment and health safety, employees, and society. Also, it has actively assumed its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, achieving excellent results in achieving the mutual and synchronized promotion of civilization progress and company development.

SDCM’s said that, in the future, the company would continue to take the promotion of civilization and harmony as its mission and adhere to the business philosophy of “honesty and trustworthiness creating benefits” to pioneer ideas, dare to innovate, actively explore new methods and models for civilized units, and do a good job in building itself into a provincial civilized unit. It would create an excellent internal and external environment for enterprise development and a nice working atmosphere for cadres and workers and build a platform conducive to its development. By doing so, SDCM will keep developing itself into a leading enterprise in high-end intelligent rubber and plastic machinery to realize its dream of serving as a century-old chemical enterprise.

(Correspondent: Wang Jing)

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