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Guilin Rubber Machinery’s Zero-Defect Parts Pass Year-End Examination of the US Customer
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-12-20

Recently, a prominent U.S. customer inspected and confirmed the quality of the main castings, forgings, and weldings of Guilin Rubber Machinery’s current tire vulcanizing machine project for more than a week. The qualified rate of the inspected products reached 100%. Guilin Rubber Machinery passed the “year-end examination” successfully and was praised by customers, showing that it has strong strengths in product development, production and manufacturing, quality control, and testing and inspection.

This time, the US customer entrusted a third-party professional testing agency to carry out an on-site test at Guilin Rubber Machinery. The inspection covers welding parts and casting and forging parts of the vulcanizing machine. The former includes beam, base, connecting rod, and wall board, while the latter includes casting and forging parts such as fat shaft, crank gear, and flange stud. The third-party agency, in accordance with the requirements of the US’s AWS and ASTM standards, mainly inspected the original quality certification documents such as the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the part materials, and conducted 100% nondestructive inspection on the weld quality of welding parts and the internal quality of castings and forgings to ensure that all parts meet the contract requirements.

Compared with the past testing, this test has not only increased the types of test components but also upgraded from the partial sampling of previous components to the full inspection of components. Finally, Guilin Rubber Machinery’s zero-defect castings, forgings, and weldings passed the inspection and confirmation of the third-party organization of the US. After testing, the third party gave full recognition to the related work done by Guilin Rubber Machinery, indicating that its manufacturing quality has reached a new level.

The year-end zero-defect acceptance has further enhanced the confidence of the US customer in Guilin Rubber Machinery, laying a solid foundation for next-step cooperation between the two sides.

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