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Sanming’s Vulcanizing Machine was Awarded the First MTE and IME
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-22

Recently, in Fujian Province’s review of the first major technical equipment (MTE) and intelligent manufacturing equipment (IME), Sanming Chemical's LLP-B1815×7500×2 dual-mold engineering tire shaping vulcanizing machine passed the on-site review of the expert group. This equipment is independently developed and manufactured by Sanming Chemical, which has made major innovation breakthroughs in principle, structure, performance and function and holds independent intellectual property rights.

According to reports, the strength and rigidity of this equipment meets not only the performance requirements of the machine, but also the requirements of the production process of tire vulcanizing machine. In terms of energy efficiency and energy saving, it can shorten the production man-hour for the user, and save 30% energy compared with using the vulcanization tank. Using two mold halves to produce large engineering radial tires is more than twice as efficient as using a single-mold model.

This model has six major highlights in innovation, reaching the domestic leading level. The first is the rigid and stable structural design of the tire manipulator, and the vertical adjustment mechanism of the double columns; the second is the direct-pushing structure of the central mechanism, which realizes the integration of the central mechanism and the demolding mechanism, and can automatically set the height of setting; the third is flip-unloading which improves the process and avoids the impact when the tire rolls into the raceway frame; the fourth is that an electric inflator is used after the mold adjustment, to reduce the bearing capacity of the lower clamp ejector pin, and reduce the deformation and work intensity; the fifth is that the finished tires are transferred by means of a new raceway upender; and the sixth is the upender is improved with innovative concept, and the tire's upending orientation is changed from horizontal to vertical. These innovations caught the eye of the experts and played a key role in passing the review successfully.

It is reported that the certification of the first major technical equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment of Fujian Province was organized and implemented by Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, aiming to advance the independent design, manufacture and promotion and application capabilities and promote the high-end development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

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