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Tianhua Institute was Awarded Advanced Management Unit for Work in Gansu''s Technology Market
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-22

Recently, at the Commendation Conference for Advanced Management Unit, Advanced Business Unit and Advanced Individual for Work in Gansu Province's Technology Market in 2017, Tianhua Institute was awarded the Advanced Management Unit.

As a product of economic development, technology market has become a main channel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity against the backdrop of today's increasingly mature market and deepening technology. In recent years, Tianhua Institute, adhering to the “market-oriented, research-based, and achievements transformation-focused” development direction, has made great efforts in promoting the application of scientific and technological innovation and transformation of achievements, and has obtained the remarkable result that the amount of technology contract transactions is growing steadily every year.

In 2017, Tianhua Institute accumulatively signed 75 technology transaction contracts, amounting to CNY 35 million. As a technology-based enterprise with a number of independent intellectual property rights, Tianhua Institute, with its positive efforts, has developed related technologies to many regions and fields in the China, in many ways such as industry exchanges, technical consultations.

Since stepping in the technology market, Tianhua Institute has strictly implemented relevant national policies and relevant regulations on Gansu technology market management, actively participated in technology development and technical service under the guidance of the technology market, and adhered to the principle of honesty and earnestly complied with the terms of various technical contracts. It has received favorable feedback from customers.

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