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GRM to Boost Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Production
GRM’s Superb Vulcanizer Serves the UK’s Customer for the First Time
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-14

Recently, good news came from Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) that it has made a breakthrough in expanding its overseas market to successfully sign an order agreement with Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited, one of the UK’s companies, which stipulates that the former will provide vulcanizers for the latter’s factory in the UK to give a boost to the production of aircraft tyres. This is the first time that the GRM brand serves one British customer.

According to relevant information, the equipment for Dunlop is 85-inch mechanical vulcanizer, which is the traditional dominant type of GRM. It has the advantages of stable performance and high production efficiency. It has been exported to Southeast Asia and other places many times, delivering good results to customers. In order to better provide customized services, GRM will carry out the technical design of model selection and optimization according to European safety standards.

On November 8, Gordon Roper, CEO of Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited, came to GRM for an on-site investigation. He fully affirmed GRM’s performances in customer service, processing level, and quality control, and was full of confidence in the cooperation between the two sides.

He said, “this cooperation with GRM is very important to us. The introduction of equipment will help us to expand our existing production capacity and output and help us to produce higher-quality industrial aircraft tyres. We choose GRM as our supplier because GRM produces superb vulcanizers and offer short delivery time and competitive prices, which are vital to us. We hope that starting with this cooperation, we can conduct more collaboration with GRM in the future and that GRM can give a boost to our business growth.”

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