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BUCT Deyang Technology Transfer Center Established at BlueStar Machinery
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-01

The National Universities & Colleges Technical Achievements Exchange Meeting was held in Deyang on October 29. Among the attendees were related leaders of Deyang City, and representatives from 11 major universities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, including Beihang University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Tianjin University.

Deyang Technology Transfer Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (“Technology Transfer Center”) was unveiled at the Meeting, marking its official establishment at BlueStar Machinery. As a major chemical equipment enterprise in Western China, BlueStar Machinery will provide the office space, technical support, equipment and other assistance for the Technology Transfer Center.

In April this year, the Agreement on Joint Construction of Deyang Technology Transfer Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was signed by and between Deyang National Economic Technology Development Area, Deyang Municipal Bureau of Science, Technology and Intellectual Property, BlueStar Machinery, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. As agreed and planned in the agreement, the Center is mainly devoted to the research, development and practices in major frontier subject areas, such as manufacture & assembly of chemical machinery, mechanical fault diagnosis & repair, precision injection molding, polymer modification and processing, and production informatization.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology features distinctive subjects that are unique in the chemical industry. Famous for its heavy equipment industry in Western China, Deyang has made every effort to promote industrial innovation and upgrading. With a development history of 52 years, BlueStar Machinery is a major chemical equipment base in Western China. As an important platform for industry-university-research cooperation, the Technology Transfer Center will promote the cultivation of advanced technologies, drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and boost the high-quality economic development in Deyang through strategic cooperation between the university, the local government, and the enterprise.

Currently, the Technology Transfer Center has organized research and technical exchange in manufacture & assembly of high-end chemical machinery, production informatization and other major fields, and three technical development contracts have been successfully signed by and between universities and enterprises with its assistance.

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