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Guilin Rubber Machinery Enriches Technical Reserves for “Belt and Road” Projects
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-10-26

Guilin Rubber Machinery has always proactively promoted the innovation-driven development and attached great importance to technical reserves. Recently, it has just developed a novel agricultural radial tire building machine, further enriching its technical reserves for “Belt and Road” projects.

The LCZ-G2442 agricultural radial tire building machine has a spindle center height of 1500mm and a maximum tire weight of 200kg. The specifications range from 24" to 42", covering almost all the specifications of agricultural radial tires. Adopting the advanced three-drum single stage building technology, the machine features high precision and stable quality of tire products, with a footprint about 17% less than that of similar equipment on the market, saving a lot of space. What’s more, the machine can produce up to 40 tires per shift, representing the most advanced technology level in China.

Domestically, the agricultural radial tire is gradually replacing the agricultural bias tire, with promising market prospects. The rapid development of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” will also generate a huge demand for this kind of tire. Facing this golden opportunity, Guilin Rubber Machinery will constantly satisfy and serve the market demands in and out of China.

Following the idea of “manufacturing the present generation of products, reserving technology for the next generation, and carrying out technological research for a further generation,” Guilin Rubber Machinery keeps up with the development trend of rubber machinery market and technology at home and abroad, increases its RRD investment at a rate of about 6% every year, proactively develops marketable, high-precision, high-efficiency, intelligent, energy-saving and environment-friendly vulcanizing machines, building machines, and other rubber machinery, extends its rubber machinery product chain to form a new economic growth point, and makes every effort to lead the development of rubber machinery technologies and enhance its superiority in technology and market.

In recent years, the Company has successively developed a series of new products represented by 210" and 68" hydraulic vulcanizing machines, 52" new-type semi-steel hydraulic vulcanizing machine, 110", 72 ", and 52.5" mechanical vulcanizing machines, 73" tire retreading press, and the new drum-type band engineering tire building machine. In the meantime, it has also achieved favorable economic benefits, providing powerful technical guarantee for its sustainable development.

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