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Tianhua Institute Obtains Four New Patents for RPF Technology
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-10-09

Recently, Tianhua Institute’s three rotary-drum pressure filter (RPF) inventions with independent intellectual property rights have been granted 4 patent licenses by Russia Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office.

These three patented technologies are all the results of technological progress and optimization of the RPF, the main new product of Tianhua Institute in recent years. Their family patent applications have also entered countries and regions including Europe, Turkey, India, the United States, and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which will provide intellectual property protection for the export of RPF technology from Tianhua Institute.

The RPF unit of Tianhua Institute in the application site

Specifically, “a method for treating acetic acid solvent in oxidation unit of PTA industrial plant” mainly adopts the bias flow technology to improve washing efficiency and obtains Russian patent (Certificate No. 2652090) and Japanese patent (Certificate No. 6298179). The bias flow technique is to reduce the cost by using drainage means to reduce the amount of washing liquid. In this process, the mother liquid tank and the washing liquid tank are pressure-regulated by nitrogen to achieve balance. The method for adjusting the pressure is not only convenient and accurate but also avoids sealing damage between the chambers, thereby avoiding the problem of washing liquid flowing between chambers.

“a solvent exchanger and a method to improve the efficiency of CTA solvent exchange” has improved the solvent exchange technology from the aspects of process flow and equipment structure, winning a Russian patent (Certificate No. 2650188). The technical process adds a suction unit, a biased filtrate tank, and a biased filtrate pump. The equipment has improved the structure of the control head, thereby achieving the purpose of significantly reducing fresh water consumption, improving solvent exchange efficiency, and greatly reducing energy consumption. At present, this original technology has been highly recognized by INVISTA, an internationally-renowned PTA manufacturer.

“Recycling method of PTA refining unit mother liquor” has achieved the recovery of PTA mother liquor waste heat and PT acid by adopting high-efficiency multi-stage flashing technology, low-temperature waste-heat power-generation technology, heat pump heating, and cooling technology, and low-temperature crystallization technology, so as to effectively utilize the heat in PTA mother liquor. At the same time, it has solved the influence of the crystallization of PT acid on the subsequent system, reduced the pollution to the environment, and can generate huge economic benefits. This technology was patented by Taiwan (Certificate No. 1626231).

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