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Guilin Rubber Machinery Makes Great Deal in Market along the Belt and Road
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-08-06

Guilin Rubber Machinery has devoted greater efforts to market share and quality services in countries and regions along the Belt and Road in response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative. After nearly one year of exchanges and negotiations, good news came that the Guilin-based company signed the contract with a Turkey-based tire company, by which it would provide dozens of vulcanizing machines to the development of the Phase II tire production line in Turkey.

By relevant information, the equipment Guilin Rubber Machinery will provide for its Turkish customer is mainly OTR and TBR vulcanizers. These machines are developed by Guilin Rubber Machinery in light of the market demand and users’ features and debugged and optimized to be tailored to application scenarios of the Turkish customer. After the machines are delivered, Guilin Rubber Machinery will also dispatch a strong technical and after-sales team to provide the customer with debugging, training and other services, as a way to ensure the smooth, efficient operation of its production line.

The Turkish customer is one of Turkey’s Top Ten tire manufacturers. It is the fifth cooperation between the Turkey-based company and Guilin Rubber Machinery. Since the first cooperation conducted in 2013, Guilin Rubber Machinery has won the trust and satisfaction of its Turkish partner with stable mechanical performance, reliable quality, a customized design centered on customer demand, and quick after-sales services.

As an enterprise committing itself to the rubber machinery industry, Guilin Rubber Machinery has been favored by a lot of well-known tire producers, thanks to its continuous development for almost half a century, its influence and brand competitiveness in serving high-end customers at home and abroad, and its adaptation to market changes. Its head said that, as the optimization of the industry speeds up, Guilin Rubber Machinery will endeavor to better its products, continue to make excellent vulcanizing machines,  expand its domestic market and beyond, and provide customers with more efficient and quality products and solutions.

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