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Guilin Rubber Machinery checks quality control
Source: CNCE Date: 2013-05-22

Guilin Rubber Machinery recently announced its quality control results for 2013, with more than 60 of its people present, including company officials and specialists. The company had 12 quality control projects discussed at the announcement meeting, which were judged by experts for the first, second and third place. The company’s quality control projects deal with on-the-spot checks, difficult problems, and involve management and innovation. The various departments submit their quality control achievements, involving the use of modern quality management to overcome production, operations and management difficulties and make a contribution to company development. 

Guilin Rubber Machinery says that it has given special attention to these quality results over the years and has assigned professional trainers to work with personnel on the front line and its efforts have paid off and have helped win the company various awards and have greatly helped sustainable development.

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