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Sichuan Bluestar’s new gasifier
Source: CNCE Date: 2013-04-27

Sichuan Bluestar Machinery won a bid for a new pulverized coal pressurized gasifier project on April 23. The gasifier will apply a two-stage quenching process. The equipment is a key part of a coal-to-gas unit in a 100,000-ton melamine and 600,000-ton nitro-compound fertilizer project.

Sichuan Bluestar successfully developed two WHG gasifiers last year, each with a daily capacity of 1,300 tons of coal.

The new gasifier will deal with 2,300 tons of coal per day, making design difficult. Similar products were all imported in the past. Therefore, the bidding success means that Bluestar has once again made a breakthrough in high-end coal chemical equipment and filled a gap in the domestic market.

The gasifier is an extremely energy-efficient product. Its interiors are designed by China Huaneng Group’s clean energy department, and Bluestar Machinery is in charge of its exterior design and overall manufacturing.

To ensure the success of the bidding, Bluestar has set up a project team made up of marketing, design, production and quality professionals.

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