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Guilin Rubber Machinery establishes innovation principles
Source: CNCE Date: 2013-03-11

Guilin Rubber Machinery has said it will work harder on technological innovation this year as it prepares to apply more of its innovative developments in technology. This was the report from a meeting of worker representatives, on Feb 25, where it was said that they will focus on high-added-value, high-profit, market-oriented products to push technological progress, following a principle that ensures security, protects the environment, removes bottlenecks, improves efficiency, saves energy, and cuts costs.

The company will establish a technological innovation system integrating production, research, and learning that is based on market demand and make better use of its new implementation centers for research projects on such areas as heat insulation, mechanical arm dynamic stability, and hydraulic vulcanizing press ring holders. It will also develop new hydraulic control, dragging control, and electric automotive control technology to meet the demand for more energy-saving, environmentally friendly products and support R&D on new products.

The standardization of technological innovation and implementation will focus on improving the production area, reducing labor intensity and costs. The company will spend more on technological innovation to support reforms in old facilities and purchase new ones, and on infrastructure in the machine shop, roof renovation, equipment and tooling library, and welding shop, air compressors, welding robots, vertical surface grinders, and digitally controlled lathes, during a renovation of the old facilities.

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