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Bluestar Equipment uses patented technology for corporate development
Source: CNCE Date: 2013-01-09

The Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co has been paying a great deal of attention to innovation and patent technology and has made intellectual property rights a part of its 12th Five-year Plan strategy. By the end of December 2012, it had applied for 48 patents in the previous three years, with 28 of them approved. The company has seen some remarkable achievements in its patent work and has gained commendations for its work.

Bluestar Machinery encourages employees to take an active part in innovation and improving intellectual property rights protections, while giving more attention to patent applications. It organized science and technology activities, invited legal experts to talk about patent law developments, and improved employee awareness of the need to protect patents. Its science and technology division focuses on R&D in its major products and applies for a patent when it is ready. Bluestar Machinery has filed patent applications on its WHG furnace, liquid flow heat exchange urea synthesis tower, double-pressure nitric acid absorber, titanium concentrate refining leaching ball, and alloy steel railway frog parts.

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